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  • Lydia R. Burns
    May 26, 2008
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      We have been going to SMNWR weekly for years; the last couple of weeks have been disappointing. Maybe it is partly due to the loss of this years baby eagles to unknown prey, or we have been arriving too early or two late. Yesterday must have been perfect. I was able to get some great shots of the normal birds herons, egrets, red-winged blacks birds, phoebes, swallows, storks, stilts, teals, etc. But the prize was two great horned owls that flew into a tree singing to each other. It was wonderful. I did get some shots. However, I was much happier watching them fly around together, landing, and then taking off and landing again. Watching their interacting was priceless. I also love photographing the flowers. I am trying to catalog every bird and flower found at St. Marks year round. It is just one of those fun things I get to do. Since I am still mobility impaired, anything I can see from the window of the car is great.


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