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4701Re: [nflbirds] Hummingbird trapping in Indian Head Acres

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  • Pam Flynn
    Dec 1, 2007
      The Freds had luck at my house too in Waverly..On Wednesday, they caught an adult female ruby throated that you could still see the ring on her chest from sitting in a nest. Next a 1st year male rufous. And on return Thursday, a 2nd year return to my yard female black chinned. I have one more ruby that wouldn't..or should say couldn't..go in the trap. The rufous had his eye on her.
      Pam Flynn

      armstrong_j <mmarmstrong112024@...> wrote:
      Fred Bassett and Fred Dietrich came early Thurs morn and quickly
      trapped two ruby throat females..

      It took them a while longer to catch a nice female rufous. They had to
      stand in the pineapple sage to shoo her away from her favorite feeding
      spot into one of the traps...

      John Armstrong Indian Head

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