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4393Re: [nflbirds] white pelicans

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  • Lydia R. Burns
    Jun 24, 2007

      I saw the white pelicans also. We were at SMNWR at 7:30am this morning. It was the first time I have seen the white pelicans there.

      We also saw, a family of turkeys, many snowy egrets, commorants, great egrets, great blue herons, male and female red-winged blackbirds, male and female boat-tailed grackles, mourning doves, tri-colored herons, and a bank swallow.

      I also was able to see an alligator attack and eat its breakfast. No not a bird! It was just another new experience.

      It was great as always at the park and of course, I got it all on video.

      Wakulla Co. FL

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      Afternoon nflbirders,Took my mom to the refuge this morning for a little birding from the main road. East Pool was jammed with waders including a dancing immature reddish egret. But of real interest was the flyover of 25 white pelicans with another 14 resting on the mud flats of Stoney Bayou Pool #1. Even had a single white pelican on the mudflats at headquarters pond. I can't recall observing white pelicans at the refuge during the summer. I would appreciate some feedback on their summertime occurrence on the refuge.Many thanks,Harry HooperTallahassee, Florida
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