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3568Saturday Koucky Park and Piney Z

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  • Edwwjr@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Michael Evans and I birded Koucky Park and the park at Piney Z Saturday
      morning. Koucky was much better for migrants and we re-found the yellow-bellied
      flycatcher, but both places had lots of activity.

      Koucky Park

      yellow-bellied flycatcher
      great crested flycatcher
      empid flycatcher
      hooded warbler
      parula warbler
      black and white warbler
      scarlet tanager
      several of both white and red eyed vireo
      great looks at a wood thrush
      hummingbird species

      Piney Z

      At least one pair of purple gallinules were present. They were by peninsula
      chimney swifts
      tree and barn swallows
      blue gray gnatcatcher
      gray catbird
      white-eyed vireo

      In addition, both places had usual suspects.

      Ed Woodruff

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