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3364Help with August Target Species--Please

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  • birdsandbugs02
    Jul 1, 2006
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      Hello North Florida Birders;

      I will be in the Panama City Beach area the first week of August for
      my family's annual trip. If anyone is able//willing to share any
      information on the following species that I will be targeting it
      would be much appreciated:

      Black Rail
      Snowy Plover
      Wilson's Plover
      Gull-billed Tern
      Seaside Sparrow

      I usually make at least one day trip to St. Marks each year.
      However, I have had horrilbe luck in finding a few of the species
      that are listed above....

      Also, is there any real chance of seeing any pelagic species in the
      gulf this time of year? Possibly by going out on a fishing boat,
      etc.? Any advice//reccomendations would be appreciated....
      Thank you very much!

      Joshua Uffman
      St. Louis County, MO