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3315Nesting Common Nighthawk

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  • Fred Dietrich
    Jun 1, 2006
      For the past two weeks I have seen a Common Nighthawk flying around near our parking lot off of the Woodville Highway. On Wednesday someone came and told me about an injured bird in the field near the parking lot. When I went to investigate, it was the nighthawk feigning an injury, and it flew to a nearby tree to perch.

      I looked around and after 5 minutes, found two brown, spotted eggs on the ground. This is the normal nest for the bird, although it is only about 3 feet from the parking area. I staked off the area and taped some Do Not Disturb signs to the posts and she has resumed sitting on the eggs. Hopefully she will be successful and raise two chicks.

      I have put some photos of the nest, bird and eggs at:


      I'll post more photos as the incubation progresses.

      Fred Dietrich
      Tallahassee, FL

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