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3158Saturday birding Tallahassee

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  • Edwwjr@aol.com
    Apr 1, 2006
      Stopped by Koucky Park this morning without much luck. Had a mixed flock
      with cardinals, red-eyed vireo and chickadees but that was all.

      At Piney Z lake, the purple gallinules have returned. The first ones were
      around the island between fishing finger 4 and the finger closer to the
      parking lot (3?). The only mixed flock I found were cardinals, Carolina wrens, and
      red-eyed vireo.

      If someone can check the large holding pond on Blairstone Road Extension
      between Mahan and Miccosukee, there appeared to be least terns swooping over the
      water but the traffic was heavy and I couldn't stop to make a real id.

      At Lake Killarney Park, there were wood ducks with young.

      Ed Woodruff

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