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  • Jean Williams
    Aug 1, 2004
      I had a Hairy Woodpecker in my Niceville yard again this morning.
      First one I've had in months. Downey's are around more too. Still
      have a couple of Red-Headed Woodpeckers and many many Red-Bellies.
      Can't someone send me a Pileated?

      Went out very briefly the last couple of days - yesterday in
      Niceville I saw a juvenile Little Blue, Osprey, Green Heron, Wood
      Duck, Kingfisher, both Vultures, Black&White Warbler, and all the
      other usuals.

      On Friday (cruising by, unprepared) in Ft. Walton I had a Yellow
      Warbler, and at the County Holding Ponds there were a pair of
      Egyptian Geese - didn't have time or scope to id the shorebirds -
      yellowlegs of some sort, Killdeer, and Black-necked Stilts were
      obvious. Also all the usuals, lots of Cattle Egrets, a Snowy - and
      some swallows too far away to id.

      But the weirdest thing was that in the water yesterday in Niceville,
      as we went by on the way to the commissary (couldn't get hubby to
      stop), I saw a white swan. It wasn't anywhere I could find when I
      went back later, so no id. Also saw a Coyote on Eglin near the
      commissary - ran across the road about 100' in front of the car,
      maybe he's why I haven't seen a Fox Squirrel around there in
      months :-(