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1275Snowbirds in the Panhandle

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  • Houlem@aol.com
    Mar 1 6:05 AM
      Another Friday with Alan Knothe and we found the Yellow-rumped Warblers are
      begining to "color-up" for the mating and migration season soon to arrive.
      They are thinning out down here in the Florida Panhandle.

      We found an Eastern Screech Owl, Red Phase, about four feet off the Turkey
      Creek Boardwalk. What a breath taking view of this little jewel of the
      Cypress Swamp. It blended well with the Cypress Bark.

      We also saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet fanning its Ruby, and another pair of
      Golden-crowned Kinglet on the same boardwalk.

      We saw the four Trumpeter Swan at Rocky Bayou, three Osprey and Two Bald
      Eagle and a good view of a Blue-headed Vireo. At the Okaloosa Walton County
      line marsh on Hy 20 we saw one Loggerhead Shrike, Three pair of Wood Duck,
      many Great Blue Heron on Nests, one Osprey on a nest, Black Vulture, 50 +
      Purple Martin and the second Red-headed Woodpecker of the day.

      Life is good on the Panhandle.

      * Mike Houle * houlem@... * La Crosse WI * USA *

      It's great to be alive as the most hardy birds remain in the frozen north
      while others enjoy the warm emerald waters of the Gulf.

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