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Re: NexImage5 Compatibility with MAC Computers

... If they reflash it with the EUVC firmware (I think) then oacapture may well work, but I've not got as far as testing that yet. I'm about to release
James Fidell
Jan 26

NexImage5 Compatibility with MAC Computers

I have a friend with a MAC computer. Is the NexImage5 compatible with the MAC? If so, what image acquisition software would be used? Thanks Barry
Jan 26

Re: Help selecting a solar imaging camera

I own a NI-5 and a PST, the NI5 will not reach focus on mine unless I use a barlow, and in that case the image shows terrible newtonian rings! I had to go with
Freddy Diaz
Jan 26

Re: Help selecting a solar imaging camera

Maybe You or your partener you can whrote a howto sun on pst Some other whrote howto planet But For the sun I do not see any Please give us a gif
Jan 26

Re: Help selecting a solar imaging camera

Hi Jim, I don't have time for a super-detailed reply today (need to get to the office), but I would suggest that you look at other cameras other than the
Pat Darmody
Jan 26

Help selecting a solar imaging camera

Hi, Group - I am a new member and will purchase a NexImage camera to use exclusively for solar imaging with a PST.  Will be imaging in rural New Mexico at an
Jim Lauck
Jan 25

Re: New file uploaded to neximage

Chris, Thanks for posting this.  Do you have any images created after the flash upgrade that you could share?  I have not used my NI5 for planetary for
Pat Darmody
Jan 21

Re: New file uploaded to neximage

the NE5 camera from Celestron is a clone from TIS DFK72AUC02 original camera. I use the flash tool from Celestron support website:
Jan 20

Firmware update for Neximage5 : dfk72uc02_158.euvc

I flashed my Neximage5 with FW dfk72uc02_158.euvc to the latest level. Now frame rate up to 54 at 640x480 (unbinned) are possible in RGB32 mode. Used software
Jan 20

New file uploaded to neximage

Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the neximage group. File :
Jan 20

Re: I can't get my Neximage 5 to record in Color

If you're using iCap 2.3, check the Device tab with the NI5 connected. Click on Properties then make sure the Color Enhancement box is checked.
Oct 20, 2014

I can't get my Neximage 5 to record in Color

What am I doing wrong? The camera will not record in color anymore. At one time I was recording a green moon but now everything is in black and white. Do II
Jun 21, 2014

Re: FireCapture 2.4

This link from Goggle worked http://firecapture.wonderplanets.de/betas.html From: neximage@yahoogroups.com [mailto:neximage@yahoogroups.com] Sent: Thursday,
Jun 19, 2014

Re: FireCapture 2.4

Where do you download this soft Jack 47’n 71’W In either version of FC (2.3 or 2.4) just enter “firecapture” for user name and nothing for the pw.
Jun 19, 2014

Re: FireCapture 2.4

To anyone wanting to use FC and NI5 just pick "webcam" from the initial screens. Bill From: neximage@yahoogroups.com [mailto:neximage@yahoogroups.com] Sent:
Jun 19, 2014
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