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Re: iCap 2.3 breaks on Windows 10 64bit?

I am running iCap 2.3 on a HP Inspiron Win 10 64bit Home Edition and have not experienced that.  Is it the camera that shuts down or the iCap that shuts
Ricky Juarez
May 8

Solved Re: [neximage] iCap 2.3 breaks on Windows 10 64bit?

I edited the short cut changing the compatibility to Windows 7 and that solved the problem. On 4/23/2017 7:55 AM,
Rick Evans
Apr 24

iCap 2.3 breaks on Windows 10 64bit?

I recently acquired a new Acer laptop running Windows 10 Home. I previously imaged on a 64 bit Windows 7 laptop. I also do DSO imaging using an aging Meade
Apr 23

Re: Unable to recored in color

On 6/4/2016 6:26 PM, don123donxyz@... [neximage] wrote: What Codec are you using? It should be RGB32 or RGB24. Also, have you tried downloading and
Rick Evans
Jun 6, 2016

Re: Unable to recored in color

I ran iCap2.3 an older Dell Inspiron on Win XP and now running on a HP Pavilion 17 on Windows 10 Home version without any issues. I used
Jun 6, 2016

Unable to recored in color

for at least 3 years I have been unable to record in color. I have used various different laptops with icap and some of them would record just fine in color
Jun 4, 2016

Error: Recording could not be initialized.

I'm posting this for users who might run into this frustrating problem with their Neximage5s in the future. If you're using iCap2.x to record you might
Nov 27, 2015

Re: Neximage Long exposure mod - Image's missing

Hello Alejandro! I fixed the problem with the images, please let me know if that worked for you? Thanks, Freddy From: neximage@yahoogroups.com
Freddy Diaz
Nov 24, 2015

Neximage Long exposure mod - Image's missing

Hi! In the mod instruccions link http://memphisastronomer.com/Astronomy/Technical/Neximage-Mod/ The images are dead. Can someone share the guide in PDF? i want
Nov 23, 2015

Re: imaging-on the fence

I have a Neximage5 and have really enjoyed using it..I have got some good shots with it..I got mine new on Ebay for a good deal..I think its a good camera to
Jul 26, 2015

Re: imaging-on the fence

Hi jerry,  thanks for the input.  The lowest price is about the same as celestron burst. I wonder how it compares. I'll most likely get started on the moon
Jul 26, 2015

Re: imaging-on the fence

I should have added to my previous post... The ASI224MC is not available to Joe Public yet, but my understanding is that it will start shipping in August.
James Fidell
Jul 26, 2015

Re: imaging-on the fence

... I can't claim to have put a lot of time into imaging with any of the Neximage 5 models, but when you look at the results some people are getting with the
James Fidell
Jul 26, 2015

Re: imaging-on the fence

personally i wud not use the nextimage 5 camera at all ,it has very low sensitivity /i wud look at the zwo camera/ more money but better camera by far/ i have
Jul 26, 2015

imaging-on the fence

Hi, I'm new to this group and new to imaging. I haven't taken the plunge yet and i'd like some advice. Firstly, I'm about to purchase a pre-owned lap top Dell
Jul 26, 2015
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