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RE: [newsml] Adoption of VCARD in NewsML

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  • Jo Rabin
    Hmm, Misha, imho, the lack of an _active_ owner for vCard and _any kind_ of owner for vCard-XML presents something of a problem. vCard and vCard-XML obviously
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
      Hmm, Misha,

      imho, the lack of an _active_ owner for vCard and _any kind_ of owner for
      vCard-XML presents something of a problem.

      vCard and vCard-XML obviously need to be able to express the same thing and
      if they are not maintained by the same group then this will be hard, if not
      impossible. As I mentioned before, I think that if there are to be two
      concrete representations (formats) for expressing vCard, the first step will
      be to create an underlying object model, of which they are both
      representations. One could then proceed to definition of an XML schema for
      vCard, confident in the knowledge that there is a "bijective mapping" (to
      use an expression that Laurent has used in the past) between the two

      I do not think that this is work that the IPTC should undertake. Rather,
      perhaps, as Laurent and you both seem to suggest it is something that OASIS
      should take on, especially in view of vCard's widespread usage and apparent
      lack of active ownership. I believe that IPTC is a member of OASIS - so
      perhaps it, Reuters and other interested members should prepare a joint

      In the meantime Reuters and potentially other members need to do something
      about incorporating it into NewsML. So in summary my suggestion for the
      route forward [modified in the light of your observations about the
      maintenance status of vCard]:

      1. IPTC and member organizations should make a submission to OASIS, raising
      the problem that this 'standard', which is in widespread use does not appear
      to be under active maintenance and does not have a formal object model,
      hence there is no sensible route for determining an XML representation of
      the information it represents.

      2. The IPTC should wait till vCards are available in XML before adopting
      them as 'the' IPTC preferred representation for personal information, and
      should not seek to define its own proprietary XML based representation. Any
      other course of action will leave IPTC in an evolutionary cul-de-sac, and
      commits it to defining standards which potentially duplicate other efforts
      and which take it outside its member organisations' fields of expertise.

      3. Prior to this, individual members are at liberty to represent personal
      information in any way the see fit, within the rules of NewsML. IPTC should
      extend NewsML so that members, if they see fit, can use external metadata
      standards that are not based upon XML, especially vCard as it is defined
      today, or their own proprietary XML representation of it.

      4. The IPTC should decide what its policy is _in general_ with regard to use
      of external metadata representations and how it approves such
      representations i.e. what the decision criteria should be.

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      to re-invent the wheel, then you may have to use square wheels)

      Hello Jo,

      > Misha
      > I thought that IMC (http://www.imc.org) was the relevant organization
      - they
      > seem to think they are (http://www.imc.org/pdi/ - "Beginning in
      > 1996, the Internet Mail Consortium took on responsibility for the
      > development and promotion of these two important technologies [vcard
      > vcalendar]") - but if you are saying they are not then I would not
      > challenge you!

      Hmmm. The IMC hosts the vcard mailing list, but doesn't seem to be at
      all (pro)active.

      > In any case, it seems to me that you can take my A. below more as a
      list of
      > requirements than statement of fact. In general, if there is no
      > body' for a standard that is a whole different ball-game.
      > My comment on there being work in progress on an XML version was based
      > conversation with you. I must have misunderstood what you said. How
      > approaching IMC (pdi-info@...) formally, as IPTC, and asking them?
      > Reuters would do this in its own right?

      I did ask Paul Hoffman (the IMC director) and got the same response
      that Ron Daniel got [1].

      [1] http://lists.xml.org/archives/xml-dev/199801/msg00405.html


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