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RE : [newsml-g2] Starting NewsML G2

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  • Evain, Jean-Pierre
    Hi Tony, Good to hear. I had met Mark Jones recently and I was expecting things like this. I am sure all IPTC colleagues will be happy to help. If you need
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2008
      Hi Tony,

      Good to hear. I had met Mark Jones recently and I was expecting things like

      I am sure all IPTC colleagues will be happy to help.

      If you need direct assistance from EBU / Eurovision, please contact my
      colleague Benoit Sergent at sergent@... and he will provide you with EBU
      feeds in NewsML-G2. Easier to start with instances...



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      Objet: [newsml-g2] Starting NewsML G2

      Hello all,

      We (BBC Monitoring) are planning to use NewsMl G2 as the native
      for our new content management system.

      As such I'd like to air ten questions that have come up. These are
      mostly real newbie stuff, so pointers to appropriate documentation
      be fine. Any comments on any of them would be really helpful.

      Partly here I would like to provoke public discussion on how one
      do a "cold start" on NewsML G2.

      1) Firstly, in the introductory section on NewsML, there is a
      to a glossary (page 225). Unfortunately, I can't work out which
      document this refers to.

      2) In addition to ingesting and producing news items, we maintain
      persistent information (eg personality profiles and source

      So these are slowly aggregating and changing stores of information,
      rather than the more transient news item material.

      From looking at the documentation, these seem to map on to NewsML
      concept and knowledge items.

      So how would these map to a personalities store, which would be a
      timeline of key points in that person's life? I'm assuming one would

      use concept to be a person and he knowledge item would be the whole
      store. Is that the model?

      Can concepts be nested to represent the "key points"?

      Are the time validity attributes for links relevant here? eg could
      represent "Putin was president 2000-2008".

      3) Our supplier was questioning what toolsets are available to
      NewsML/Java and what the stage of maturity is?

      4) What is the model for exchange of News items. Is it done via a
      wrapper or is there transformation involved?

      5) What are the key differences between the core and power versions
      the standard?

      6) Is it possible to represent hierarchies with qcodes eg

      7) Are there recommendations for versioning NewsML G2? I understand
      that the standard is now fairly stable with changes being minor and
      optional. If one were to adopt a (legacy, current, future) ie (n-1,
      n+1) versioning model, what would the likely timings be?

      Similarly, what's the cycle time if we feed back enhancement
      and errata to IPTC?

      8) If you have a qcode representing, say, Madrid, and you give it a
      <name>Madrid</name> element, how would you deal with the language
      dependence. Supposing you wanted it in Russian, or in both?

      9) How does one handle an analysis piece, where different paragraphs

      have different copyright clearance. Would that be a package of

      10) Can package items have inline content, or just links?

      Apologies for the length of this, and look forward to the insights
      any or all of this that people can offer!


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