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Entity URI lookup service & URI Disambiguation

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  • Misha Wolf
    fyi ________________________________ OKKAM OKKAM (European Community funded project) aims at developing an Entity Name System (ENS) for the [Semantic] Web
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2008


      OKKAM (European Community funded project) aims at developing an Entity Name System (ENS) for the [Semantic] Web which can make sure that the same entity (individuals, location, organization, event, product, …) is referred to through the same URI.

      The ENS repository stores existing URIs + enough attributes of the corresponding real world entity to help identify it
      • 􀁺
      • A OKKAM URI for the entity
      • 􀁺
      • An entity profile - attributes to help identify entity
      • 􀁺
      • A collection of metadata
      • 􀁺 A list of alternative URIs (including the preferred URI, if any)
      ENS is about reusing existing URIs in content creation

      Lots of methods and tools used for URI disambiguation can be shared and reused

      The ENS is based on the idea that, in general, having multiple URIs for the same thing is a bug, not a feature

      Using billions of distributed owl:sameAs statements to link multiple URIs that refer to the same entity is impractical.

      They called it ENS because they see it doing a similar job (linking entities to URIs) to DNS (linking URLs to IPs addresses), though I think it's a confusing parallel to draw. There must be questions about the viability of such a service since the service returns a ranked list of possible matches & does not attempt to avoid duplication alltogether & seems to recognise that entities will have different meanings in different contexts.

      Full slide set from presentation at 2008 WWW Linked Data workshop - Beijing 22 Apr 2008  http://events.linkeddata.org/ldow2008/slides/Bouquet_ENS_LDOW2008.pdf


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