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IPTC: Announcing the Second International News Standards Summit

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  • Michael Steidl/MDir IPTC
    IPTC: Announcing the Second International News Standards Summit Leaders in News Standards Development and Implementations to Meet in Amsterdam Windsor, England
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2005
      IPTC: Announcing the Second International News Standards Summit

      Leaders in News Standards Development and Implementations to Meet in

      Windsor, England - 6 April 2005 - The International Press
      Telecommunications Council IPTC, today announced that they are proud to
      co-sponsor the second international News Standards Summit to be held on
      May 24, 2005 in conjunction with the IDEAlliance XTech 2005 Conference at
      the Amsterdam RAI Centre, the Netherlands. The Summit is a collaborative
      effort of organizations committed to open standards development. Sponsors
      include IPTC (http://www.iptc.org), G- SAM (http://www.g-sam.org),
      IDEAlliance (http://www.idealliance.org), and Ifra (http://www.ifra.com).

      The News Standards Summit will bring together major players--experts on
      news metadata standards as well as commercial news providers, users, and
      aggregators. As interest builds for standardizing news dissemination,
      concern also grows that specifications are being developed in isolation.
      How can the standards fit together? Where/how will standards converge? How
      can the industry collaborate to identify gaps and overlaps and ensure
      their systems will be able to interoperate now and in the future?
      Together, participants will analyze the current state and future
      expectations for news and publishing XML efforts from both the content and
      processing model perspectives. The goal of the summit is to increase
      understanding about the state of news standards, to highlight
      standards-based implementation and to drive practical, productive

      The program will feature presentations from the key news standards efforts
      balanced by an implementation status report from a panel of international
      users. The day will conclude with an open session where productive ideas
      for moving forward will be proposed. Networking with others in the News
      Industry is a key component of the Summit. All program and registration
      information is available at http://www.newssummit.org/ Those who attend
      the summit will be given a discount on registration for the XTech 2005
      Conference. (http://www.xtech-conference.org/2005/registration.asp )

      About the IPTC
      The IPTC, International Press Telecommunications Council, is a
      not-for-profit consortium of the world's major news agencies, news
      publishers and news industry system vendors based in Windsor, England. It
      develops and maintains technical standards that are used by virtually
      every major news organisation in the world. These standards cover news
      exchange formats like IPTC7901, IIM, NITF, NewsML and SportsML, metadata
      container schemas like the "IPTC Core" as well as metadata taxonomies like
      the Subject NewsCodes. Find more about the IPTC at http://www.iptc.org

      About G-SAM
      G-SAM is a not for profit professional Trade Association, which exists to
      promote the development and adoption of technologies to manage, protect
      and create value from digital assets. The group promotes integrated
      products and processes that support interoperability and open standards
      that will drive adoption and user acceptance of digital asset management
      (DAM) and related technologies with over 200 corporate members worldwide.
      Principal Founding Members of G-SAM are Avid Technology (NYSE: AVID), IBM
      (NYSE: IBM), Ascent Media (NYSE:L), Artesia Technologies, Sony (NYSE: SNE)
      and WAM!NET, a division of SAVVIS Communications (SVVS), Harris
      Corporation (NYSE:HRS), and Quark. For more information, please visit

      About IDEAlliance
      IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a
      not-for-profit membership organization advancing user-driven,
      cross-industry solutions for all publishing and content-related processes
      by developing standards, fostering business alliances, and identifying
      best practices. IDEAlliance has been a leader in information technology -
      developing Document Markup Metalanguage (GENCODE), sponsoring the
      development of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), and fostering
      eXtensible Markup Language (XML). IDEAlliance builds on these languages to
      create specifications including Publishing Requirements for Industry
      Standard Metadata (PRISM), Digital Image Submission Criteria (DISC) and
      Information and Content Exchange (ICE) that enhance efficiency and speed
      information in all aspects of publishing and content-related processes.
      Learn more about IDEAlliance at www.idealliance.org.

      About IFRA
      Ifra, the world's leading association for media publishing, is a service
      organisation dedicated to the publishing industry worldwide. More than
      2000 publishing companies and suppliers to the publishing industry are
      currently Ifra members. Ifra is their forum to exchange experiences and
      to learn from one another. Ifra's name originates from "INCA-FIEJ
      Research Association", whereby "INCA" stands for "International Newspaper
      Colour Association" and "FIEJ" stands for "Fédération Internationale des
      Editeurs de Journaux". Today the name "Ifra" stands by itself.

      About XTech
      XTech is a key forum for the web, XML, and open standards worlds.
      Formerly known as the XML Europe Conference, XTech has widened its scope
      to incorporate neighbouring technologies from the web and business. As
      well as XML, XTech 2005 will cover web development, browsers, open data,
      the semantic web and more.
      Sent by:
      Michael Steidl
      Managing Director of the IPTC <mdirector@...>
      International Press Telecommunications Council
      "Information Technology for News"
      Visit us on the web at http://www.iptc.org
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