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TR: Geonames enters the Semantic Web

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  • Laurent Le Meur
    FYI, The NAR has defined locations as a valuable entity for tagging news. Locations can be the subject of news, as in: Or,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2006

      The NAR has defined locations as a valuable entity for tagging news.

      Locations can be the subject of news, as in:
      <subject qcode="iata:MAD"/>
      Or, alternative
      <subject literal="Madrid"/>

      Or used a location from which the content originates, as in:
      <located literal="Paris"/>

      Geopolitical areas can be associated with a gps position,

      <name>Paris (France)</name>
      <position longitude="" latitude="" altitude="" />

      The question is: where to find a great thesaurus of world locations with
      associated gps positions?

      Geonames seems to be a great resource.

      Note: The editing being wiki-like, it is fairly precise, but I would advise
      to be careful before going in production: what is Madrid's position changes
      for 2 hours before correction?

      Thanks to Raphaƫl Troncy, from CWI in Amsterdam, for the tip.

      Laurent Le Meur

      Hello all

      I'm very pleased to announce that, through a quick and efficient
      collaboration with Marc (in cc), the 6 million and growing geographical
      features in the data base of Geonames [1] are now described by a OWL
      ontology [2], and the RDF description of each instance, including names,

      type, of course geolocation elements, is now available through Geonames
      Webservice, adding to an already impressive pack of services [3].
      The ontology is very simple, and leverage elements of the wgs84_pos
      vocabulary [4]. The feature types are described using a simple SKOS
      vocabulary, which has been embedded in the OWL ontology.

      If you add that, thanks to Google Maps API, the geonames features can be

      created and edited through a wiki-like interface [5], this as Web 2.0 as

      can be.

      Comments welcome, either here or in the Geonames forum [6]


      [1] http://www.geonames.org
      [2] http://www.geonames.org/ontology/
      [3] http://www.geonames.org/export/
      [4] http://www.w3.org/2003/01/geo/#vocabulary
      [5] http://www.geonames.org/recent-changes/
      [6] http://forum.geonames.org/gforum/posts/list/156.page


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