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RE: [newsml-2] NAR WP conf call short notes, 13/12

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  • Misha Wolf
    Two pedantic comments: - Readers in North America will have figured out that 13/12 doesn t mean the 12th day of the 13th month, as there are only 12 months
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 14, 2005
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      Two pedantic comments:

      -  Readers in North America will have figured out that 13/12 doesn't
         mean the 12th day of the 13th month, as there are only 12 months
         (unless you use a lunar calendar, of course).  To avoid confusion
         in January (eg 3/1), I suggest we use ISO dates (eg 2005-01-03)
         or name the month (eg Jan 3).

      -  Re our "bi-weekly conference-call", I see that "Bi-weekly can mean
         either 'every other week' or 'twice a week'.  The same problem
         arises with bi-monthly.  The only way to avoid the ambiguity is
         not to use the words at all." [1]



      PS: The NAR WP holds two conference calls per week.

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      Subject: [newsml-2] NAR WP conf call short notes, 13/12

      Dear (future) NewsML2 users,

      As you may know, the IPTC NewsML 2 Architecture Working Party (NAR WP in short)
      works hard to solve a number of details on the upcoming NewsML2 standard. In
      particular, a bi-weekly conference-call allows us to make rapid decisions on
      different open issues.

      I will periodically send to this list a summary of the issues solved in the WP.

      1/ Labels: headlines and descriptions are 'labels'. Usually their content is
      plain text. But power users need some inline markup (especially line breaks,
      hyperlinks and semantic markup). We have chosen to use a subset of XHTML as
      markup. The xml content of a label will therefore be constrained - at least for
      the experimentation period - to elements declared in the namespace
      http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml (shared by XHTML1.0 and XHTML1.1).
      The tech spec [1] shows the modules we accept as label content. We will decide
      at a later point if we use a subset of XHTML1.0, 1.1 or 2.0, or if we extract
      some elements from XHTML and re-define them in the newsml: namespace.

      2/ genre/bag: it is not indicated in the current spec, but only one <bag> can be
      found in a <genre>.

      3/ news content characteristics: the <characteristics> element may be used as
      sub-element of a link (e.g. in a package), when the target of the link is a
      news-item, in order to allow the newsml processor to process hints about the
      target item (e.g. in order to follow or not a link depending on the height and
      width of a picture).
      This element is currently defined in the newsml: namespace, but has a datatype
      defined in the news-item schema. Its definition will be moved to the news:
      namespace (in the news-item schema).
      Note: It will be considered as an extension element in a link, and won’t be
      directly validated by the xml schema.

      4/ xs:any models: processContent will be set to 'lax' (MAY be validated) on all
      xs:any models in the schemas. The capability to optionally validate such content
      makes sense, especially for ds:Signature and

      5/ a new management property called <instanceOf> (optional, multiple) will be
      defined as:

      -> Instance Of Relationships: an indication that this Item is an instance of the
      specified recurring report (also known as a fixture).

      The next NewsML2 public drafts will reflect these decisions.

      Best regards

      Laurent Le Meur
      IPTC NAR WP chair
      AFP Medialab, manager



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