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NewsML-G2 version 2.12 available as big annual update

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  • Michael Steidl (IPTC)
    Group: The latest version 2.12 of the G2-Standards NewsML-G2 and EventsML-G2 is available as annual Public Release. You can download the single package from
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2012



      The latest version 2.12 of the G2-Standards NewsML-G2 and EventsML-G2 is available as annual Public Release.


      You can download the single package from http://www.iptc.org/std/NewsML-G2/NewsML-G2_2.12.zip (48MB)

      … or a slim version without the XML Schema documentation: http://www.iptc.org/std/NewsML-G2/NewsML-G2_2.12-noXMLdocu.zip (7 MB)


      This ZIP package includes:

      -          All XML Schema files (in the folder /specification and in subfolders, see the note below)

      -          HTML-documentation pages for the XML Schemas (ZIP files in the folder /specification)

      -          A comprehensive specification document for all G2 structures, including Processing Models for some of them

      -          An Implementation Guide document, updated and extended to revision 4 (in the folder /documentation)

      -          A new G2 Structure Matrix document: a table with all G2 properties and all attributes of properties and indicators at the crosspoints if an attributes is defined as mandatory or optional for a property (in the folder /documentation)

      -          A set of example XML instances which appears also as Listings in the Implementation Guide document (in the folder /examples)

      -          An XSLT as tool for converting G2 structures into more human readable HTML (in the folder /tools)


      Individual files can be obtained from the IPTC web server

      in the folders under http://www.iptc.org/std/NewsML-G2/2.12/ 


      Note: from last year’s version 2.9 on the specifications of NewsML-G2 and EventsML-G2 are merged into one. As they have always shared a vast majority of structures the IPTC has decided to provide only a single specification document and a single set of XML schemas for both standards but to clearly flesh out the special EventsML-G2 use case of conveying structured event information. The Implementation Guide is a shared document from the start.



      All changes to the G2-Standards are listed on a special web page:



      The major changes since the last public release of NewsML-G2 2.9 are:

      -          Package Item: group may have now descriptive properties

      -          all properties taking a Concept URI as value may use a @uri attribute as alternative to the @qcode

      -          news content may have a rating by editors or the public

      -          structured expression of the widely used ticker symbols

      -          adding features to reflect how a property value was derived from another property value.


      We would like to remind of the grouping of XML Schema files:

      The http://www.iptc.org/std/NewsML-G2/2.12/specification/ folder contains a NewsML-G2_2.12-spec-All-Core.xsd XML Schema for the Core Conformance Level and a NewsML-G2_2.12-spec-All-Power.xsd XML Schema for the Power Conformance Level. These files include the XML Schema definitions for all G2 items and for the News Message. Therefore we recommend referencing this universal XML Schema if you want to validate G2 XML instances in your development process. The subfolder 'individual' of the specification folder provides individual XML Schema files for each G2 item and the News Message.


      Kind regards



      Michael Steidl

      Managing Director of the IPTC [mdirector@...]

      International Press Telecommunications Council
      www.iptc.org - on Twitter @IPTC

      Business office address:

      Since 1 November 2012: 25 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AL, United Kingdom

      Registered in England, company no 101096


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