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FW: W3C Provenance Incubator Group Final Report

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      Subject: W3C Provenance Incubator Group Final Report

      Hello All,

      I'd like to add a bit to your holiday reading by pointing you to the W3C

      Provenance Incubator Groups final report.

      Provenance XG Final Report

      The report highlights the requirements for provenance for the web and
      semantic web and organizes the current state of the art. A key part of
      the report is a roadmap for provenance on the web.


      Concretely, it recommends the formation of a Provenance Interchange
      Working Group focused on developing a *simple* common standard to
      interchange and access provenance leveraging existing provenance
      vocabularies and ontologies.

      I would be great to hear your thoughts on this proposal.


      Dr. Paul Groth (p.t.groth@...)
      Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Group
      Artificial Intelligence Section
      Department of Computer Science
      VU University Amsterdam

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