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861RE: [newsml-g2] Re: Named write-throughs

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  • Paul Harman
    Sep 1, 2009
      From: Michael Steidl (IPTC) [mailto:mdirector@...]
      > - or is it only a string to be communicated to the receiver?
      > In this case a literal value alone does not help, the
      > "human readable" string must be in a <name> child of the role.

      Point taken. I'd need to invent an @literal then, but that's okay - I'm
      doing it in loads of places already.

      > But: actually we already have something for this purpose: the
      > edNote.

      Er... Yes, I could do that. I'm already using edNote with other @roles
      for other purposes, but I suppose that's fair. The thing is, it is about
      the life cycle of the news item, and that's the explicit purpose of
      <role>, so I'd rather use <role>.


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