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772Properties of a concept

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  • Paul Harman
    Dec 22, 2008
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      I'm examining adopting G2 as a common interchange format between PA
      content systems. Regarding typical article-based content it's a fairly
      obvious choice of standard. However I also want to exchange data 9as
      related to articles) - cinema listings, TV guides, sports results,
      election results, school league tables.

      My particular query is to do with how I can extend conceptItems to add
      new kinds of facts - for example, how many seats a particular cinema
      has. The concept of 'number of seats' could come from a controlled
      vocabulary of 'properties of a cinema', but the /value/ for number of
      seats cannot practically come from a controlled vocabulary. But that's
      not my understanding of how Qcodes work... Shouldn't every Qcode be
      'resolvable' as an item in it's own right?

      Is this where the G2 standard 'ends' and I need to invoke my own XML
      fragments via the extensibility options - or, like NewsML 1.x, is there
      a generic 'Property' element that I've overlooked?

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