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654Relationship direction

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  • Misha Wolf
    Apr 25, 2008
      Hitherto, all relationships in the G2 family of IPTC standards have been between two nodes and their direction has been non-problematic:
      In the case of broader and narrower the direction is clear.
      The relationship is true in both directions for:
      -    sameAs
      -    related at the Core Conformance Level (as it means SeeAlso)
      In the case of related at the Power Conformance Level there hasn't been a problem hitherto, as we can name the relationship (using @rel) in such a way that it is true that the lexically enclosing node has relationship X to the enclosed node (ie to the one indicated by the @qcode on related).  For example, if rel="rel:hasCurrency", then one would expect the @qcode on related to represent a Currency and the qcode on the enclosing element to represent a Geopolitical Unit:
         <conceptId qcode="G:1A"/>
         <name role="nameRole:main" xml:lang="en">Northern Mariana Islands</name>
         <definition role="defRole:main" xml:lang="en">Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands</definition>
         <sameAs qcode="ISO-3166-1-Alpha-2:MP"/>
         <sameAs qcode="ISO-3166-1-Alpha-3:MNP"/>
         <sameAs qcode="ISO-3166-1-Numeric-3:580"/>
         <related rel="cptRel:dependencyOf" qcode="G:6J"/>
         <related rel="cptRel:hasCurrency" qcode="C:6"/>
         <broader qcode="M:A9"/>
      At today's IPTC News Architecture WP meeting we agreed to allow a bag as a child element of related, in the same way that we allow a bag as a child element of subject.  Together with the existing @validFrom and @validTo attributes, this will allow us to express, for example, that on date D1, Yogoslavia split into entities X, Y and Z.  I'm concerned about the reverse case, eg that on date D2, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania.  Now one could rely completely on @rel for this, eg rel="rel:Merged" and rel="rel:Demerged", and write the GRDDL transform so that it knows that Merged runs one way and Demerged runs the other way.  Or should we add a @dir attribute to related, for this sort of case?
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      Misha Wolf
      Standards Manager

      Thomson Reuters


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