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1Person: An XML fragment and/or a Topic-item ?

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  • Misha Wolf
    Jan 18, 2005
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      Johan Lindgren wrote:

      > Michael Steidl wrote:
      > > I think we have to clarify the "environment" of the person or
      > > location Common Component: should it be a CC to be adopted by
      > > any content standard (NewsML, EventsML ...) or will it ONLY go
      > > into a Topic item and if a content standard item wants to
      > > include metadata information about a person or location first
      > > a person/location Topic item has to be created and then this
      > > one is referenced by the content standard item (whatever the
      > > referencing mechanism will look like).
      > In my mind this is a two-level discussion.
      > We first need to establish what information to handle for such
      > a thing like a Person and how to handle it.
      > Is it FirstName or GivenName etc (And I think we solved that one
      > - just an example.)
      > Then we can use this in various way. One way can be a straight
      > forward component of XML-markup.
      > Another could be in the form of a Topic item.
      > But I don't think we should force all users to handle topics to
      > handle the components.
      > johan

      This seems reasonable, though we will need to work on the details.


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