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1385RE: RE: [newsml-g2] Representing hierarchical structures in NewsML-G2

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  • Michael Steidl (IPTC)
    Nov 19 9:28 AM

    Hi Ola


    I conclude from what you say that the article parts are about the same topic but they are not a single consistent piece of content.


    The corresponding NewsML-G2 design is:

    -          Each piece of content must be managed by a News Item: one for the core article, one for the factbox, others for the images – including all the metadata for each item!

    -          The structure of your article XML below should be reflected by a Package Item like this one (find the full file attached) – it should only have metadata for this article = package as a whole.


                <groupSet root="theRoot">

                            <group id="theRoot" role="imgr:main">

                                       <groupRef idref="articlePart10"/>

                                       <groupRef idref="articlePart15"/>


                            <group id="articlePart10" role="imgr:maintext">

                                       <itemRef residref="urn:newsml:infomaker.se:20131119:articleText4711" />

                                       <groupRef idref="articlePart15images"/>


                            <group id="articlePart10images" role="imgr:mainImages">

                                       <itemRef residref="urn:newsml:infomaker.se:20131119:image-110"  />

                                       <itemRef residref="urn:newsml:infomaker.se:20131119:image-220"  />


                            <group  id="articlePart15" role="imgr:infobox">

                                       <itemRef residref="urn:newsml:infomaker.se:20131119:articleFactbox0815" />

                                       <groupRef idref="articlePart15images"/>


                            <group id="articlePart15images" role="imgr:infoboxImages">

                                       <itemRef residref="urn:newsml:infomaker.se:20131119:image-330"  />

                                       <itemRef residref="urn:newsml:infomaker.se:20131119:image-440"  />








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    The article parts are to be considered a bundle that together make up the article. They don´t convey any layout information. 


    E.g. one article part is typically considered the "main article part" holding the main content for the article, another article part could be a "factbox" with facts related to the content in the main article part. 


    I hope this clarify the picture somewhat.



    ---In newsml-g2@yahoogroups.com, <mdirector@...> wrote:

    Hi Ola


    A question about the content of an article: is it in the journalistic sense only a single news story (made of text + photo + video etc.) and the article parts have primarily a relevance for the layout or are the article parts containing different stories?


    As NewsML-G2 has a basic rule that a news item may contain only a single piece of news this is quite relevant.

    I will follow up your questions if you clarify this.






    Michael Steidl

    Managing Director of the IPTC [mdirector@...]

    International Press Telecommunications Council
    www.iptc.org - on Twitter @IPTC

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    25 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AL, United Kingdom

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    Subject: [newsml-g2] Representing hierarchical structures in NewsML-G2




    I am new to NewsML and have a question regarding best practice for representing hierarchical structures in NewsML. The native format for the articles in question could be described with a snippet of XML (this is not the real native format but it describes the structure of the articles in question):


    <Article id="1">


        <Name>Fusce vel tincidunt lacus</Name>







            <ArticlePart id="10">



                    <headline>Vivamus condimentum arcu sed</headline>

                    <leadin>Neque porro quisquam</leadin>

                    <body><p><b>Lorem</b>ipsum dolor sit amet, <u>consectetur</u> adipiscing elit.</p></body>



                    <Image id="110">





                    <Image id="220">







            <ArticlePart id="15">



                    <headline>Quisque nisl nisl</headline>                

                    <body><p>Duis sem justo, cursus sit amet tortor eu, tincidunt mattis enim</p></body>



                    <Image id="330">










    The article itself does not have any content but is a mere container for metadata. The actual content is divided in so called article parts (ArticlePart). 


    An article can have 1 to many article parts and a article part can have 0 to many images.


    The question is then how to go about transforming this to NewsML? I have tried using groupSet element which I guess work but the consequence is that I have to have one group per article part (in order to keep track of where images reside in the structure).


    Also, since much of the metadata resides on the article, should I copy it down to each newsItem (i.e. article part) or should I put it on the packageItem level?






    Best Regards,

    Ola Andersson

    System Developer @Infomaker Scandinavia AB



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