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1377Where to store custom and dynamic properties in News Item?

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  • kopai_bate
    Aug 8, 2013
      I'm developing a news system where the users may record arbitrary
      properties on the news items at any time. Each property has name, type
      and a value.
      The system is highly configurable and these properties may later be used
      by some plugin of the system or other software as long as it knows about
      the property, which is done through configuration.

      I couldn't find an appropriate place within the NewsML's schema to place
      those properties, QCCodes don't work because are too 'static'. I need to
      be able to ship the software and let the users define new properties and
      reconfigure the system.

      What I ended up doing is extending the NewsML schema with a new element

      Any better ideas? I'm really not an exprert in NewsML and am probably
      missing something.

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