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  • thuso71
    Apr 26, 2013
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      Hi list,


      We are to create a feed to a client that we use the feed to insert it into a web-widget. In the feed we must rank the article so one ranked first will be the first article in the widget.

      I see that we have rank attributes in both NewsMLG2 and in NewsML1.2, but when I read about the rank attribute in the latter, I see that it is related to equivalents list.

      Does that mean rank is not intended to be used to rank the articles in the NewsML1.2 file?


      In NMLG2 I see that the rank attribute is used in a few elements. I am currently looking at Example 26 (LISTING26NewsML-G2_NewsMessage.xml) which contains the itemRef element that also allows using the rank attribute. But the example is not valid and when trying to create an example-file using the schema, Oxygen yields wherever I try and insert the itemRef element.


      Any suggestions/examples in either NewsML1.x or NewsMLG2 are welcome.


      Best regards,


      Trond Husø

      System Developer

      Mobile : +47 450 35 715

      E-mail : trond.huso@...





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