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1356service and usage

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  • thuso71
    Feb 1, 2013



      I am currently looking at converting our NITF to NewsMLG2+NITF and I am wondering:

      Would values/data in <tobject> be natural to put in <service> tag?


      I have this:

      <meta name="NTBMeldingsType" content="Standard nyhetsmelding" />

      <meta name="NTBTjeneste" content="Nyhetstjenesten" />


      <tobject tobject.type="Utenriks">
      <tobject.property tobject.property.type="Nyheter" />


      Could this be transformed into?

      <service qcode="ntbservice:Nyhetstjenesten" />
      <service qcode="ntbservicetype:Utenriks" />
      <service qcode="ntbserviceporperty:Nyheter" />


      Standard Nyhetsmelding has been placed here:

      <genre qcode="ntbgenre:Standardnyhetsmelding">
      <name>Standard nyhetsmelding</name>


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