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1352Re: [newsml-g2] Define receivers in G2

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  • robert.schmidt-nia@dpa-mediatec.com
    Dec 16, 2012
      Hi group,

      dpa also uses the /newsMessage/header/destination/@qcode

      Regarding two aspects:

      1) the destinations are not in any case an information of the item, but only a routing.

      2) if the editors are addressing some destinations, which may result in one ore more services, this services are conveyed within /newsItem/itemMeta/service


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      Am 10.12.2012 um 11:00 schrieb "dave.compton@..." <dave.compton@...>:


      Hi Trond

      I think this is a common use case. TR uses header/destination, and the value can be any of: a product, a system, a group, a specific end point. Now that destination supports a @qcode, the aforementioned can be qualified and represented via header/destination/@qcode.



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      Hi list,

      We are about to test our distribution of sports data that we receive through API-calls to the Norwegian Sports Confederation. The file is then to be sent to one customer (TT) who then shall be able to allow access to the data in their sports-result-ready-made-system.

      Thank to Michael Steidl I will be using this structure in the NewsMLG2 that I will package the SportsML data in:


      My reason for showing this is show that there might be a need for such a structure in NewsMLG2 (since MS came up with this structure, I have a feeling that there might not be such a structure in NMLG2).

      Best regards,

      Trond Husø
      System Developer
      Mobile : +47 450 35 715
      E-mail : trond.huso@...

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