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1218Relationship from concept to non G2 entities

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  • Philippe Mougin
    Sep 9, 2011
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      I have a G2-based system where I use a <concept> element to represent a particular location (the city of Paris). It happens that I also have two other systems (A and B), non G2 based, where I manage locations. These systems have their own identifiers for the city of Paris. In system A, the identifier is "654321" and in system B one the identifier is "569843".

      In my G2 <concept> I want to provide those identifiers as part of the concept description.

      At first glance, it seems that <sameAs> correctly express the relationship I want to represent. I my <concept> I would have:

      <sameAs type="cpnat:geoArea" literal="654321">
      <sameAs type="cpnat:geoArea" literal="569843">

      But of course this doesn't work because for any meaningful processing I would also need to know that the first one relates to system A and the second one relates to system B.

      I can't use qcode instead of literal as system A and system B aren't G2-based and consequently don't expose their identifiers through G2 QCodes. I could create such schemes myself but since my goal is to communicate the identifiers of Paris in A and B (and not in newly created ad hoc schemes) that would be self defeating.

      So how would you approach the problem ?

      Note : as a fallback I'm thinking about using <remoteInfo> elements. For example :

      <remoteInfo rel="rels:equivalent-in-systemA" residref="654321">
      <remoteInfo rel="rels:equivalent-in-systemB" residref="569843">


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