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"Treatment on Sugar Addiction and Depression" By Joseph Y. Lee

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    Treatment on Sugar Addiction and Depression By Joseph Y. Lee Helping the mentally ill is beyond anyone s call in the church. Pastors, Bible study leaders,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2010
      "Treatment on Sugar Addiction and Depression"
      By Joseph Y. Lee
      Helping the mentally ill is beyond anyone's call in the church.
      Pastors, Bible study leaders, and friends at church may not know
      what to do. They should not be blamed for not being able to help
      the mentally ill. It is almost impossible for them to help the
      mentally ill if they read the Bible 20 times without reading
      other books. Reading the Bible 20 times is the least effective
      help for the mentally ill. Prayer is also the least effective
      help for the mentally ill. You need to read other books in the
      medical sciences, Christian counseling, and Christian psychology.
      You need to understand some basic biochemistry and other
      biological sciences. Many pastors will read the same Bible again
      and again without any new revelation on how to help the mentally
      ill. Reading the Bible all over again is the least effective
      help for people with great mental difficulties. This is probably
      why all of the pastors or all of the sisters at church are inept
      to help the mentally ill even though they share the same gender.
      The Bible is a great book, but it is limited in terms of scope
      in key areas of help. For example, can the Bible instruct an
      electrical engineer to layout a 16 bit adder using a bunch of
      CMOS transistors? It is obvious that the Bible cannot tell us
      how to design an Intel CPU. The Bible has no discussion on the
      biochemistry issues related to mental illnesses and disorders.
      There is simply no discussion of chemistry. This is why pastors
      and other believers should read other books to acquire key
      information to help the mentally ill.

      How can we help the mentally ill woman at church? First of all,
      we need to eliminate all of her sugar intake. There is no simple
      way to do this. The Bible study leader or pastor should instruct
      the family members of the mentally ill woman to remove every
      source of sugar in the kitchen of her home. Cookies, candies,
      ice cream, and sodas should be all eliminated at the home of the
      mentally ill. We need to put her sugar addiction to an end
      quickly before she dies a painful and miserable death. This has
      to be done first and foremost. Without taking drastic measures
      like eliminating all of her sugar intake, there is no hope that
      she can live happily within the next 10 to 15 years before she
      dies. No anti-depressant medication can help her because she has
      too much sugar in her body. This has to be fixed first before
      any real medication can hopefully fix her.

      After we eliminate all of her sugar intake and her unnecessary
      thoughts of euphoria, a competent psychiatrist can administer
      the right medicine for her recovery. Christian counseling is
      also needed as well. At this point, I may be of some help in my
      rudimentary understanding in Jay E. Adams. However, I am a
      single man. I will not be able to administer the help to her
      since my Korean abilities are severely limited. Language is a
      huge problem. Communicating to her in English will limit my
      help towards her. Since she is attracted to me, my help is
      further limited in terms of her hormones and excitement in
      her bloodstream. Adding more sexual excitement by meeting me
      will only damage her biochemistry further. Such feelings do
      add more biological and chemical problems in her body when her
      body is already suffering a huge chemical imbalance of sugars
      and other biological and biochemical hormones in her body. So,
      a sister in Christ is best qualified to help her.

      Right now, I am assuming the Bible study group members are
      severely exhausted in terms of their help for the mentally ill
      woman. I actually do not blame them for their exhaustion because
      they simply do not know what to do. Their probable approach is
      kindness, understanding, and love. However, this is the worst
      possible help for the mentally ill woman. She needs some harsh
      rebuke. (Proverbs 27:5) They should stop treating her like an
      adult. She has to be treated like a child. Her mental faculties
      are at the state of 10 year old child. Can a 10 year old child
      understand the language of talking and listening that of an
      adult? They can treat her like an adult. Nevertheless, they will
      all burn out due to exhaustion helping her. If they treat her
      like an adult, then the women Bible study members will die of
      exhaustion communicating to a mentally ill woman, who thinks
      like a 10 year old child. On the other hand, treating her like
      a 10 year old child will only accelerate her rate of mental
      recovery. Harsh rebukes can only help her at this moment in
      time. Other avenues of treating her with respect as an adult
      may slow down her rate of mental recovery.

      This was how Anne Sullivan helped Helen Keller. Helen Keller
      was blind and deaf since she was a little child. She was
      basically an animal. However, she was lonely and sad. She had a
      horrible need to communicate to the people outside of her
      blindness and deafness. Her parents could not make any progress
      of help for their daughter Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf.
      Anne Sullivan's treatment of help seemed horribly cruel and
      unreasonable. She basically slapped Helen Keller's face to
      force her to see and hear from Helen Keller's heart even though
      she was totally blind and deaf. Anne Sullivan's method was
      quite effective. Helen Keller could really see and hear from
      her heart for the first time in her life. Helen Keller's parents
      found Anne Sullivan's methods incredibly insane and outrageous.
      They almost terminated her help. If they did terminate her help,
      Helen Keller would be truly blind and deaf forever.

      Sadly, almost nobody in my former local feminist church in the
      Kangnam area wanted to help her. For me, I did not have the
      strength to help her when I was grieving over my breakup from my
      girlfriend. I was suffering horribly in terms of my hurt when my
      girlfriend left me over my job demotion at work. I just could
      not help the mentally ill woman. At the same time, I did not want
      her to die. I saw disaster written in her future. So, I begged
      everyone in my google e-mail list to help her by telling them
      that she was dying. Sadly, nobody volunteered to help her
      including the feminist pastors, deacons, and elders. Since
      everyone in my local former feminist church was more interested
      in finding a girlfriend or boyfriend than helping people, I have
      decided to leave the church. Please note: I found more love in
      my new church, right now.

      Nevertheless, prayer is not enough. Let's be honest about this.
      Her biochemical state is a crisis. She is literally turning into
      a chocolate bar. Nobody including the feminist pastors, elders,
      and deacons want to do something about this. Some sister in
      Christ has to help her. A sister in Christ is best qualified to
      help her. If none of the sisters do not want to help her, then
      who can? Maybe, all of the brothers and sisters in my local
      feminist church in the Seoul, Kangnam District are dead inside.
      Maybe, they are incapable of help out of laziness and
      selfishness. Maybe, they are too afraid to help her because
      they are afraid of failure. If this is the case, then maybe,
      none of the brothers and sisters should get married since their
      future wives or future husbands will be more dysfunctional than
      this mentally ill woman, who is literally sweet inside. I guess
      it is a very poor choice of words. She is sweet LITERALLY inside.
      Anyway, I am no longer a member of that church. I cannot find
      any love in that feminist church. So, I have decided to leave.
      Please note: I found more love in my new church, right now.

      From my previous article, I have already discussed my methods on
      how I have helped my friend James Shin with cerebral palsy. I
      have not used the Anne Sullivan's methods at all. I just have
      used my heart by loving my friend James Shin. Please read this
      previous article for further reference.

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