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Sura 5 talks of "the offering" in the Koran.In Islam usually lamb is offered. Jesus is "the lamb".

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  • lani creveling
    In a lot of the Torah or first 5 books of the Bible it speaks a lot of sacrifices for the people s sins.Animals were offered up to God to atone for sins.
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      In  a lot of the Torah or first 5 books of the Bible it speaks a lot of sacrifices for the people's sins.Animals were offered up to God to atone for sins. Always the animal was supposed to be the best that could be found.When Muslims kill an animal to eat, they, like anyone else are taking the life of an innocent animal to cook and grill as is detailed in the Bible Old Testament. The life of the innocent animal is sacrificed. So it is good to offer that lost life to God before we nourish ourselves with its meat. God wanted human kind to realize that life is valuable and thereby we humans should avoid sin. All sin has punishments attached. If you rob a bank, you will be put in jail or prison. If you kill someone, you will be imprisoned or executed. What God/ Allah had written in the Holy books about animal sacrifice and offerings was a foreshadowing of the greatest sacrifice of all , that the innocent Jesus would do, so that the sins the world has done, could be forgiven of man. Otherwise, justice would call for each one of us  individually to pay for our sins and that could mean we would not be able to receive everlasting life in Paradise or in heaven.  Remember others might have beenstoned for the very same sin you got away with. It would not be fair to them.  Now if you read the Bible carefully you will see that there are 2 different sacrifices. One is for sins. The other sacrifice is called the burnt offering. Satan is the one who brought sin into the world first and rebelled against God/Allah. So Satan who the Muslims stone yearly symbollically will one day be destroyed. The Bible says he will be thrown into a lake of fire which symbollically shows he will become the burnt offering mentioned in the Old Testament. Jesus wll not be tortured in fire. Jesus will one day be sent by God/Allah to Earth to be the Messiah/Al-Masih. He will thru the power of God/Allah granted him ,save the earth from the Dajjal/Anti-christ. That is also what the story of Abraham and the sacrificing of his son is all about. It foretells of the coming sacrifice of Jesus, the lamb. In the Bible story, neither the lamb or Isaac nor Ishmael is sacrificed. Instead the RAM(Satan) is sacrificed. This is the same as the Islamic story of how it was actually Judas Iscariot on the tree that died. Even in the Bible it says Judas Iscariot commited suicide and hung himself from a tree and his insides fell out and rolled down the mountain or hill maybe to the fire dump. This happened almost at the same time as Jesus was put on the tree and gave up his ghost to God/Allah. Thanks.

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