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hi Monk

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  • wakeinbliss
    Dea Monk, I visited the sites you posted and can only say the more I read about the bible the more decietful it seems.Jesus probably didnt even
    Message 1 of 2898 , Mar 1, 2002
      Dea Monk,<br>I visited the sites you posted and
      can only say the more I read about the bible the more
      decietful it seems.Jesus probably didnt even
      exist.<br>Christians cant agree on anything.Even the disciples
      conradicted each other over and over again.They cant even
      agree on what day He was born.Nor do I know of any
      historical proof of His existence anywhere.Practically
      anything the early christians seemed to have believed has
      all been thrown out as heretic anyway and been
      replaced with catholism.Sure the bible says there was eye
      witnesses to this and that,but where is that proof?no where
      but in the bible.<br>christians dont agree on
      anything at all,its just a big mass of confusion.And they
      even pay for the entertainment and house the
      entertainers in their own buildings and build them theaters to
      perform in,they call churches.And after they spend an
      hour on sunday watching the weekly entertainment,they
      go home and act like self righeous hypocrites.More
      interested in what brad bitt is doing that Jesus.If
      christianity is somekind of Truth then why are there 1500
      sects of 'different truthes?There can only be one truth
      everything else is a lie so I guess all those sects are just
      liars and frauds blindly leading each other through the
      dark with some supernatural faith and yet not only is
      there no proof really but they disagree on every point
      in the bible!Its outrageous!Theres just too much
      decrepancy for anyone looking for truth to sift
      through.<br>The more I read the less believable any of it
      seems.we have the shroud at turin and yet that cant even
      be identified as Jesus's.<br>The bible mentions
      practically nothing about his childhood and absolutely
      nothing about the years from 12 to 30.Nothing!Christians
      cant even agree if he had brothers and
      sisters.<br>There are so many glaring differences between what the
      diciples say,they couldnt even get their stories
      straight.The bible seems to have no relative purpose other
      than to take money from people and control their
      thinking.<br>where is God in all that?we cant even agree on a name
      for God or His Son for that matter.I dont even know
      who to pray to,Jesus has about 10 names and so does
      God it would seem.what if I pray and use the wrong
      name,perhaps I will be invocing an 'evil'spirit or something
      and not know it.<br>sure the bible is really old but
      just because something is old doesnt mean its the
      Truth.<br>I do believe in God though,I just dont know why He
      would bother with people.as a race we are collectively
      about the dumbest animal on the planet.apparently one
      day Jesus will be coming with new jeruselum and
      everyone who ever died will raise out of the grave and be
      judged.Gee thats going to take forever to just do the
      judging part.Imagine how many people have died in the
      past 2000 years?<br>is there enough room for all of
      them to raise up at one time?<br>and the ones that
      except Jesus get to live for ever and the rest all get
      to burn forever.Doesnt sound like much choice and
      yet only 144000 people get 'saved'<br><br>So that
      means if 144000 of those dead people except Jesus then
      the rest of us wont get in I guess.Doesnt seem fair
      somehow.and I thought Jesus came for the sinners not the self
      righeous so wouldnt he save the bad ones too?<br>I dont
      know it just all sounds like a far fetched
      story.<br>If God really did create the bible he should have
      finished high school at least cuz the bible is one messed
      up confused and contradictory story about
      Truth.<br>I still believe in God though,just not the one
      people have created.<br>I sure hope He understands why I
      think religion is bullshit when I tell Him why I didnt
      worship His son and pay the church to be
      entertained.<br>Those catholics sure have messed everything up and if I
      could get my hands on paul I would probably wring his
      neck with my bare hands.<br>I sure hope God
      understands when I tell Him people are mostly just dumb and
      hypocritical.<br>I sure hope He understands....<br>Cuz I sure dont
    • binahmedkm
      ... Christians
      Message 2898 of 2898 , Mar 7, 2002
        --- In newquranandbible@y..., tedw1999 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
        > PJ,
        > This part of your message I agree with. It applies to all
        > including myself. I think using the internet is one of many ways to
        > tell others of Jesus's message.
        > Ted
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