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Re: [Newport Sailboats] Gulf 32' Pilot House Sailboat For Sail at low price

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  • Tony
    Sorry to hear Dick. Hopefully she will go to a good home! ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2011
      Sorry to hear Dick. Hopefully she will go to a good home!

      On 3/30/11 2:38 PM, "Dick Latour" <Dick.Latour@...> wrote:

      > Sadly, we have to sell our boat. We bought her a few years ago, knowing she
      > needed some work. But I have been unable to do the work because of health
      > problems, some minor, some a bit more serious The boat is in dry storage in a
      > marina in Winthrop, MA, in Boston Harbor, just north of Boston. In the slight
      > chance that anyone knows of anyone in the Boston area that might be
      > interested, please pass this on.
      > Due to a serious decline in my health, over the past year, we are forced to
      > sell our Gulf 32 Pilot House Sailboat. We would like to let her go to someone
      > in one of these groups. We have had a lot of fun with her and she can sail
      > like a dream. Her sails are probably the originals but the motor is an almost
      > new Westerbeke, installed just a few years ago, with about 20 hours of use on
      > it. The motor, alone, is worth more than we are asking for the boat We did
      > have a small leak in the fuel line but had that fixed last year. The motor
      > runs very well now but we were unable to take her out at all last year due to
      > my health issues.
      > We are asking only $10,000 but it could take up to 2 months to process the
      > sale due to legal issues.
      > We don¹t really want to let her go but traveling from our home in Georgia up
      > to New England is very problematic and I doubt I would be physically able to
      > sail her without extra crew.
      > Below is a list my wife made out about the boat and it¹s condition. I am
      > trying to send some PDF attachments, relevant to the boat, but do not know if
      > they will go through on the lists.If they don¹t I have them saved so that I
      > can send them to anyone interested, off list.
      > Dick Latour
      > 915 Blackwell CT
      > Marietta, GA 30066
      > Email Dick.Latour@... <mailto:Dick.Latour%40pobox.com>
      > I am sending whatever information I have on our Gulf 32. She is a great boat
      > and sails equally well in light and heavy winds. We had planned to fix her up
      > for the last 3 years but due to my husbands various illnesses that has not
      > been possible and since he now has chronic problems making it impossible to
      > continue sailing we have no choice but to sell her.
      > In 2004 we had new rigging installed (attached is the bill with the details)
      > In 2006 a new Westerbeke Diesel was installed and only has a few hours engine
      > time
      > In 2007 a new water heater was installed and
      > 2010 some new batteries as the boat had not come out of storage at all in 2009
      > She needs some TLC. The windows in the main cabin need to be rebedded as they
      > are leaking. The teak underneath also should be replaced. The door to the
      > companion way needs to be reglued, some of the teak underneath has been
      > damaged. The V-berth also has a leak and I have not been able to determine
      > it's origin.
      > My husband replaced the solenoid on the stove a few years ago but thinks he
      > put the new one in wrong and we have not used it since.
      > I believe this is it.
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