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Re: Digest Number 1918

First question Carl. Is what your after used with a foil, or hanked on? Depending, I might have what you want (for shipping cost). Bob 1974 N30 II #477 ...
Robert Schock
Nov 7

Re: Signet depth sounder

Last week I went to my boat and finally dealt with my speed transducer. I pulled it out from under the galley counter praying I wouldn't sink. Everything went
Nov 7

Re: Lewmar winch rebuild kit and or model

Chris: Look to the Defender Marine catalog online: http://search.defender.com/search.aspx?expression=lewmar+pawls
Patrick McGovern
Nov 7

Re: Digest Number 1918

30 ft Newport mk2 1978 genoa needed Ty ! Carl 8148604968 Sent from my iPhone ... 30 ft Newport mk2 1978 genoa needed Ty ! Carl 8148604968 Sent from my iPhone
Nov 7

Re: [Newport Sailboats] Newport MK2 mainsail

Bill, I am interested in the main for the 27 myself. What type batten system, full etc. How many reef points, any thing else. I also will be looking for a
Nov 6

Newport MK2 mainsail

I have a Mainsail for a Mk2 27. Lightly used. $100.00 you pay for the handlings and shipping. Bill Sheffer in California
Nov 6

78 newport 2

I am looking for a slightly used jib sail for my newport luff 41'3", foot 20'6', leach 39'9", would this fit? I don't know the specs for her
Nov 6

Re: [Newport Sailboats] Signet depth sounder

Hello Patrick, I have recently been in touch with Signet myself. I have the smart pack with speed, depth, wind speed and direction. All these are in a box and
Nov 5

Re: Signet depth sounder

I ran into the same thing about 10 years ago. Being a cheap sailor, I bought a 3" dia. screen Eagle depth finder‎ for around $90 as a temp solution. Mounted
Nov 5

Signet depth sounder

I have a Signet Marine knot meter, depth sounder, System 1000A MK 151.4. The display is very dim due to the prior owner leaving the cover off in direct
Patrick Gorey
Nov 5

Lewmar winch rebuild kit and or model

I am the proud owner of a 1986 Newport 30 Mark 3 that has what I believe to be the original "Lewmar 30" (single speed?) winches. Does anyone know the exact
Nov 5

Re: Emergency Rudder

I have a monitor windvane. There are hundreds of detailed attestations to its value, to which I will add only this: Though I am certainly a novice with its
Fink, John
Nov 4

Re: [Newport Sailboats] Rigging Tune

Thanks Russ! I just got remasted after adding a new wind instrument and have not yet tensioned the rig fully. I am a novice and had not had the tensioning
Nov 3

Re: Emergency Rudder

Yeah I checked that out when everyone was testing out systems. Definitely very well crafted. I think it was a bit difficult to deploy and the blade was really
Tony Bourque
Nov 3

Re: Emergency Rudder

If you are considering a windvane; Monitor has an emergency rudder option: http://www.selfsteer.com/products/monitor/mrud.php On 10/29/2015 11:08 AM, Tony
Russ Wampler
Nov 3
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