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11465Re: [Newport Sailboats] boom rigging

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  • Martin Besant
    Jun 8, 2014
      Ours is a 30 MkIII. The double block on the traveler has a becket, so
      our rigging is closer to the first posting: 2 blocks on the boom, from
      becket to stern block, back to double on the traveler, up to a second
      block on the boom, back to double on traveler. Finally to a single that
      directs the sheet forward to the mast
      Guess that proves a picture is worth a thousand words :-)

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      From: Robert Schock bob@... [newportsailboats]
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      Don’t know about the third block forward. This is the way Gary Mull
      designed it, came and looked at everything, and we have always carried
      it with no problems. Note the eye splice at the end held by a D
      ring. Bob Schock
      ’74 N30-II #477On Jun 7, 2014, at 6:57 AM, psswireless@...
      [newportsailboats] <newportsailboats@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      wellMy 78 newport 30 2 is in the water ...!!now I just need a pic or
      diagram of how to rig the boom and I have traveler rigged ...I just
      bought her last year so any help would be apreciated !!Thanks and fair
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