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11464Re: [Newport Sailboats] companionway hatch

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  • Doug and Maggie Bauer
    Jun 8, 2014
      I can't speak to the 41, but Majaca had aluminum rails on either side of the companionway. We changed them to stainless to avoid the inevitable marking that water draining past the aluminum left on the interior fiberglass or on clothing that brushed against it. The rails overhang to either side of the glass of the companionway. The cover extends past and below them and then has a return that runs under the overhang to keep the lid on.

      Doug Bauer
      s/v Majaca, '76 N28
      S. Portland, ME

      On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 12:55 AM, Russ Wampler rlwmail@... [newportsailboats] <newportsailboats@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Yeah the hatch cover design was pretty bad on these boats.  Be glad yours has aluminum rails.  Mine does not have them; just the fiberglass frame of the cover sliding against teak rails.  The teak rails are worn down and the hatch lid sits about 1/8" lower than the comanionway hatch boards now.  Beneath the forward end there should be a strip of wood that prevents the hatch from sliding out but I think this was only lightly glued in and it has been removed from your boat (and mine).  I'd be interested in seeing some others who have made modifications also; I'd also like to re-build my hatch cover at some point as the teak is worn/weathered down quite a bit.

      Russ W
      N-41 Good Grief!
      SF Bay

      On 6/7/2014 7:57 PM, brodbeckfamily@... [newportsailboats] wrote:


      I am doing a little work on the companionway hatch on my N 41 Summerwind.

      The hatch slides on an aluminum rail but has no glides, stops or attachments. The hatch can lift off easily upward or slide off all the way aft.  I would like to change this. If any of you have photos or thoughts on  designs, original or other, I would appreciate it.


      Steve Brodbeck

      Summerwind N41

      San Diego

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