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11445help - need spreader replacements 1987 Newport 33

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  • mjsekely
    May 26, 2014
      hello- am a new member to this group just in the last few months;
      first boat I have ever owned (my fifth year); and my first message to this prestigious group!
      I need new spreaders- mast ends are slightly cracked at the mast ends and they are badly bent so the fit is loose.
      Boat neighbor said to try RIG RITE’s website and search for the brand.
      anyone know what brand spread is on this boat?
      of the 6 manufacturers on their web site , based solely on dimensions, it appears mine were made by “Metal Mast”. atleast based on the airfoil type I have; and the dimensions 3” wide and 15/16ths” thick… it is the only brand of the 6 brands on the site.
      would love confirmation from anyone before I call Rite Rog and see if they can confirm by boat type and experience.
      any thoughts?
      enjoy the e-mails I get when anyone posts; I read them all.
      1987 N 33
      Marquette, Mi
      (Lake Superior) 

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