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ANN: new Nordic music at cdRoots

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  • cliff
    cdRoots New Additions http://www.cdroots.com contact2@cdroots.com New Nordic additions to the catalog http://www.cdroots.com/sweden.shtml
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2006
      cdRoots New Additions

      New Nordic additions to the catalog
      and much more at http://www.cdroots.com

      Nara - Om
      Nåra is the trio of Gunnel Mauritzson (vocals), Björn Ståbi (fiddle),
      Bengan Janson (accordion). This is their second recording, a wonderful
      mix of old roots and new ideas centered on the timeless themes of love
      and life, by three of Sweden's most respected musicians.

      Knut Reiersrud and Iver Kleive - Nade over nade
      Nåde over nåde is the third recording by Norwegian guitarist Reiersrud
      and organist Kleive, again recorded with the full pipe organ and in
      the beautiful acoustics of the Odense Cathedral. As with their earlier
      albums, old psalms and folk tunes predominate, with a few interesting
      reinterpretations of contemporary songs ("What a Wonderful World" and
      "Grandma's Hands"). But this time Reiersrud and Kleive have maximized
      the church's dynamics and three-dimensional qualities, fully exploited
      under guidence of recording engineer Alf Christian Hvidsteen. Highly

      Kvasir - Nye Sko (new shoes)
      Interpretations of traditional Danish dance tunes and songs, with
      Mette Kathrine on accordion, Henriette Hansen on fiddle and vocals,
      and occasional contributions by Yann Flaquet on guitar. Lively,
      spirited music from Denmark for dancing and listening.

      Instinkt - Grum
      Hard hitting folk-roots-and-rock from one of Denmark's hot young
      bands, grinding it out on fiddles, bass, drums, flutes, drejelire,
      bratch, jewsharp and more.

      Slatta - Slatta 2006
      Slatta is Maria Jonsson (violin and viola d'amore), Daniel Fredriksson
      (mandola and mandora/låtluta), Daniel Pettersson (contrabass and
      chromatic nyckelharpa) and Thomas Andersson (violin). The ensemble
      plays songs from Norrland (Västerbotten and southern Lappland) in
      Sweden, in a basically traditional style, but with great skill and
      energy. (very limited quantities)

      Frode Alnæs, Arild Andersen, Stian Carstensen - Hostslov
      The third in the seasonal song cycles by Norwegian jazz artists Stian
      Carstensen (accordion), Frode Alnæs (acoustic and electric guitars)
      and Arild Andersen (bass), Høstsløv explores autumn in original
      compositions and classics like Try To Remember, Vivaldis Høst sequeing
      into Singing In The Rain, September Song, Harvest Moon, Autumn Leaves
      and many others from both American pop and Nordic traditions.

      Ville Ojanen - Rautavaara
      Ville Ojanen is a chameleon in the field of Finnish folk music. He
      plays his fiddle like a Finn but creates his own contemporary music
      out of various local and global elements, where traditional acoustic
      instruments interact with modern technology, creating a contrasting
      tension. In one moment the colors of Ojanens fiddle and viola are
      Arctic and archaic, the next they turn beautiful like a frosty night
      in the Finnish winter. This is uniquely Finnish contemporary pop and folk.

      Turkka and Paalanen - Halituli
      The artists, Eero Turkka (harmonica) and Antti Paalanen (melodeon and
      accordion) say: 'Our musical path together begun in the early 21th
      century at the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department and the Eurofolk
      Conference. Nowadays we play Finnish and Nordic traditional tunes with
      joy and a delicate response. Our repertoire also includes our own
      compositions, where we let an ardent, sentimental mood combine with
      our original musical humor. We always try to leave the door open for
      the creative lunacy and the impulses of a moment. Our first album was
      made in the spirit of a jam session. Some of the tunes were recorded
      from the first take and no 'wrong sounds' were patched up in afterwards.'

      Sondre Bratland - Rosa Fra Betlehem
      Songs for Christmas sung by the great Norwegian artist, beautifully
      recorded at the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, and accompanied by
      Knut Reiersrud, Iver Kleive and Paolo Vinaccia. (Released in 1993)

      See more recent releases, new additions and restocks here:
      Fatang - walkie - talkie
      Nina Ramsby and Martin Hederos - Jazzen
      Tummel - Oy!
      Marie Boine, Inna Zhelannaya and Sergey Starostin - Winter in Moscow
      Jul i Folkton
      The Shin - EgAri
      Mandragora - Mandrágora
      John Kirkpatrick - Carolling and Crumpets
      Bellowhead - Burlesque
      various - Mortika
      various - Midwinter (4 CD box set)
      Gianmaria Testa - Da questa parte del mare
      Istanbul Oriental Ensemble - Grand Bazaar
      Ballake Sissoko - Tomora
      Mamadou Diabate - Heritage
      Turid Spildo - Nykkjen
      Richard Thompson - 1000 Years of Popular Music (2 CDs, 1 DVD)
      various - Bridges: Live In China
      Terje Isungset - Igloo
      Knut Hamre and Benedicte Maurseth - Rosa i Botnen (CD and DVD)
      Rusk - Rusk II

      cdRoots: http://www.cdroots.com
    • cliff
      cdRoots New Additions http://www.cdroots.com contact2@cdroots.com ... New: various artists - Hardangar Fiddle (Norway) Traditional music for the hardangar
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 17, 2007
        cdRoots New Additions



        various artists - Hardangar Fiddle (Norway)
        Traditional music for the hardangar fiddle (hardingfele) from Norway,
        by performers young and old including Håkon Høgemo, Lorentz Hop,
        Synnøve S. Bjørset, Lars Underdal, Åse Teigland.

        Lorentz Hop - Hardangar Fiddle
        Back in print! "Lorentz Hop lived from 1887 to 1954 and was one of
        Norway´s leading Hardanger fiddle players in his time. He was from
        Fana near Bergen. From 1930 until he died in 1954, Hop toured and
        played in Norway and abroad. The music dates from the 17th century.
        The Hardanger fiddle music from western Norway has power, strong heavy
        rhythms, and a very rich explorative tonality. Lorentz Hop is a sound
        from the past - with something to tell us, today." - from the liner notes

        Terje Isungset - Two Moons
        The second recording of "all ice" music from the Norwegian
        percussionist, this time joined by Per Jørgensen on vocal and ice
        trumpe, with Isungset on ice percussion, icehorn and isofon.
        Absolutely unique; beautiful, surprising and highly recommended.

        Jorun Marie R. Kvernberg - self-titled
        The Norwegian fiddle and hardanger (hardingfele) player (a member of
        both Tindra and Majorstuen) presents tunes from Nordmøre and Romsdal.
        Says the artist: "Deep red, sober and sonorous tunes from Tresfjord;
        bright green, breezy and upbeat dance tunes from Midsund; steel blue
        and razor sharp tunes from Nordmøre."

        Soetkin Collier - Nocturne
        Soetkin Colliers first CD is a collection of songs about love, hope,
        despair and faith in a dark and romantic setting. She is accompanied
        by Tom Theuns on guitar and Didier François on nyckelharpa (Swedish
        key-fiddle). She contributes her own compositions along with personal
        arrangements of traditional songs from Flanders and Sweden. A
        recording of stark beauty and powerful moods.

        Turid Spildo - Nykkjen
        Turid Spildo is best known as the vocalist and hardang fiddler from
        the Norwegian ensemble Dvergmål. Here she is in solo mode, singing
        songs from the West-coast of Norway, accompanying herself on
        hardanger-fiddle andorgan. The tunes were collected by a schoolteacher
        from Sogn og Fjordane, North-West in Norway: Olav Sande (1850-1927) in
        the period 1880-1904. 16 of the tunes, mostly ballads, keep the old
        tradition alive in this simple and lovely recording.

        Sussie Nielson - Pigens Morgen
        The Norwegian singer's 2006 release of Norwegian and Irish folk songs,
        accompanied by piano, bass, harp, violin, bouzuki, bagpies, etc.

        Kristian Blak and Yggdrasil - Risastova
        The ensemble Yggdrasil embarks on its 25th year with an ensemble of
        musicians from Faroe isalnds and Estonia, and featuring Kari
        Sverrisson. They perform modern interpretations of traditional Faroese
        skjaldurs, ballads & hymns. There are also unusual compositions by
        Kristian Blak.

        ZetaBoo - OuterRail
        ZetaBoo arrives for a second round with this down to earth CD, a
        unique blend of pop, jazz and folk-roots. Composer Jarmo Saari offers
        songs that are melodic and folky, spontaneous and intuitive. Marko
        Timonen provides the swinging percussion that is at the heart of this
        new recording, driving a more relaxed band of vocals, accordion,
        keyboards, guitars, cavaquinho, trombone, lapsteel, keyboards, citara,
        and bass (Pekka Lehti) , a bit more subtle than their previous
        releases. The theme of the disc is the outer rail and homesickness.
        Says Saari: 'This is like a series of traveller's landscapes. The
        journey is more important than arriving. The traveller prefers to
        follow a flitting butterfly or the advice of a stranger than a tourist
        map. Boldness and spontaneity are rewarded.'

        Various - Munnharpe-Fille-vern (2 CD set)
        A two CD collection of both archival and contemporary performances on
        the Norwegian munnehape (aka tromp or jews harp), dedicated to an 18th
        century rag collector who gave the name to the title tune. Includes
        extensive book of notes in Norwegian and English.

        Ovrevoll Spelemannslag - Spillegal / Gypsy horses
        The Fiddlers of Øvrevoll present 'horse-related music' from
        Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Ireland and Iceland, in untraditional
        performances of traditional fiddle tunes. The ensemble includes two
        members of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, one gypsy-and folk music
        player, and one of Norway's most famous jazz musicians. Øvrevoll
        spelemannslag (in English; the racecourse fiddlers) hope to honor the
        horse, the symbol of freedom, in a caravan ride through 10 European


        Back in stock:

        Braten-Berg, Mazur and Willemark - Stemmenes skygge
        Norwegian Kirsten Bråten Berg (vocals, jew's harp), Sweden's Lena
        Willemark (vocals, violin, viola), and Danish percussionist Marilyn
        Mazur join together for is going to be one of the great Nordic
        recordings of 2005. 'Voices' Shadow' is a pure trio recording,
        unadorned and yet ornate in structure, deeply rooted in tradition and
        yet almost avant garde in performance, and a total joy to listen to.

        Bridges: Live In China
        A cross cultural concert by Norwegian and Chinese musicians: Terje
        Isungset (Percussion, Ice Percussion), Unni Løvlid (Vocals), Frode
        Haltli (Accordion), Lu Yingmei (Vocals), Wu Chuan Ping (Vocals), Pan
        Xin Zhi (Vocals), Wu Anhua Dongliang (Vocal, Dong Pipe and Flute,
        Ox-bone Fiddle, Lusheng).

        Gjallarhorn - Rimfaxe
        The new CD (2006) from this innovative and agressively creative
        Finnish new-roots ensemble

        Hyperborea - Semmosta
        Hyperborea has slowly but steadily evolved into one of Finland's best
        performers of traditional folk music. The quartet were named the
        official group of the year at Finland's Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
        2006. Piia Kleemola (fiddle, viola, 15-string kantele, vocals), Antti
        Paalanen (one- and two-row accordion), Petri Prauda (cittern,
        mandolin, bagpipes, vocals), and Paula Susitaival ( fiddle,
        nyckelharpa, vocals). This is their second recording, made in 2006.


        See more recent releases, new additions and restocks here:

        Moldestad, Mjolsnes, Hogemo - Gamaltnymalt
        Hyperborea - Semmosta
        Oysterband - Meet You There (coming soon)
        Di Grine Kuzine - Berlin Wedding
        La Musgana - Temas Profanos
        Berit Opheim, Sigbjorn Apeland - Den Blide Sol
        Berit Opheim - Eitt Steg
        Karl Seglem - Urbs
        Aoife ni Fhearraigh - Loinneog Cheoil
        various artists - Hardangar Fiddle (Norway)
        Dounia - Monkey
        Joel Rubin Ensemble - Midnight Prayer
        Maria Solheim - Will There Be Spring
        Various - Golden Afrique Vol. 3 (1939-1988)
        Mustafa Kandirali - Master of Turkish Clarinet

        cdRoots: http://www.cdroots.com
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