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ANN: new Nordic CDs at cdRoots

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    cdRoots New Additions http://www.cdroots.com contact2@cdroots.com ... cdRoots Recommends - the proprietor s personal picks http://www.cdroots.com/faves.shtml
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      cdRoots New Additions

      cdRoots Recommends - the proprietor's personal picks


      Jul i Folkton
      OK, it's too late for the holidays, but any recording that includes
      artists like Sofia Karlsson, Sara Isaksson, Ale Möller, Lisa Rydberg,
      Lena Willemark, Esbjorn Hazelius, Roger Tallroth, Louise Hoffsten and
      Rebecka Tornqvist is probably worth listening to any time of the year.
      Together they form a Nordic "supergroup" worthy of your attention on
      the hottest summer day!

      Jord - Mailmale
      This quartet from Tornadalen, Sweden presents their second recording
      (2005) of newly-composed folk songs from the tradition, performed on
      accordion, acoustic bass, guitar, flutes, percussion, and harp, with
      both solo and group vocals

      Dram (Ask-Upmark and Rynefors) - Dråm
      Musicians Erik Ask-Upmark and Anna Rynefors are both riksspelmän and
      combine ancient instruments to create new sounds with their
      combination of nyckelharpa, Celtic harp with Swedish and medieval
      bagpipes providing the endless dråm (drone) that gives them their name.

      Hemallt - Hin Håles Harvedrag
      The trio Hemållt - Christer Ådin (mandola, mandolin, accordion, jew's
      harps), Mia Gunberg Ådin (fiddle, vocals) and Anders Ådin (guitar,
      vocals, hurdy-gurdy) - offer straight-ahead, up-tempo Swedish folk
      dance music.

      Zara Tellander - Himmelens hatt (Heaven´s Hat)
      The Swedish singer (member of the folk ensemble Envisa and recently
      touring with Cirque de Solieil) explores folk music, jazz and
      improvisation on her new work, joined by Johan Björklund (drums),
      Jacob Karlzon (piano), Johannes Lundberg (bass), and Lisen Rylander

      Kriya - Kriya
      Many of you already know Pauliina Lerche's accordion experiments with
      various global music sources, and her partner Peter Lerche's work on
      the guitar in similar modes. Kriya (work or process in Sanskrit) is
      the culmination of those explorations. The members of Kriya come from
      various musical backgrounds; Finnish traditional music, rock and the
      classical Indian (Hindustani) tradition. Songs are sung in Finnish and
      Sanskrit. While the folk roots are stong, this music is emphatically
      contemporary with strong hues of rock and jazz.

      Pauliina Lerche - Malana (coming in April)
      The Finnish multi-instrumentalist (vocals, accordion, kantele, violin
      and deltar) creates original music, from the tradition, and combines
      her strong roots with a more modern, global approach on thios 2006
      release. Besides accordions and acoustic guitars, instruments featured
      on the record include the vibraphone, kaval, low whistle, Estonian
      bagpipes, dobro, Carnatic violin and the recording debut of the
      deltar, a harp-like instrument designed by an Iraqi-born acoustics
      professor. Malana is a strong follow-up to her wonderful katrilli CD
      of 2004.

      Ola Backstrom - Boggdansen
      Ola Bäckström plays tunes from the region near his home, from Bingsjö
      and Ore. Impeccable, of course!

      Lennart Gybrant and Anders Norudde - Böndernas underverk (Farmers'
      The record label says: Lennart Gybrant, passer on of tradition, and
      his well-known musical companion Anders Norudde present music from
      Visnum in the borderlands between Värmland and Västergötland. These
      are tunes that were fashionable up until the beginning of the 20th
      century, music with a special air to it and a feeling which from time
      to time approaches blues. There's no limit to the different
      combinations of instruments these two spelmän use. The foundation is
      two fiddles, but how about slide guitar and Moraharpa, or mouthorgan
      and fiddle? All performed with tongue in cheek!

      Anders Svensson - Bara for ros skull (Just for fun)
      The record label says: Bara för ros skull (Just for fun) presents a
      traditional spelman album. However, it is full of lovely surprises.
      Here Småland fiddler Anders Svensson has full freedom to expand. He is
      given scope to twist and turn tunes and explore every nook in every
      quaver. When Anders plays he puts playfulness and variation first and
      lets the tunes flow freely. He is a musician whose music is
      characterised by flow and space.

      Kalle Almlof and Jonny Soling - Öst och väst (East and West)
      The record label says: Two giants of folk music come together again on
      record after 16 years. Kalle Almlöf from West Dalarna and Jonny Soling
      from East Dalarna play music from the two river valleys. Among other
      things you can enjoy several of Mockfjärd fiddler Anders Frisell's
      relatively unknown polskas alongside tunes from Malung, Lima, Orsa and
      Rättvik. All presented with vigour, finesse, a tremendous joy of
      playing and with a unique tone shared by the two masters.

      Patchwork Europe - Various Artists
      Traditional music from Ireland to Mallorca, from Sicily to Norway and
      from Portugal to Russia in 26 rare, historic tracks recorded between
      1911 and 1954.

      See more recent releases and additions here:
      various - Gazeller 3: Gazels on 78 rpm Records
      Aynur - Nupel
      Pete Morton - Flying an Unknown Flag
      Pegleg Ferret - Not Fooling Anyone
      Janet Russell - Gathering the Fragments
      Morton, Wilson, Edwards - Urban Folk: Self-destructive Fools
      Frankie Armstrong, Sarah Harman and Shanee Taylor - Darkest Before the
      Ola Backstrom - Boggdansen
      HAZMAT Modine - Bahamut
      Hughes de Courson and Patrick Modiano - fonds de tiroir [1967]
      Ambrozijn - Krakalin
      Deux accords diront - Gardadvergur
      Smilin' Osei - Wayo Tactics
      Mad Tea Party - Flying Saucers

      cdRoots: http://www.cdroots.com
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