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Fwd: 20's Plenty for Newham coordinator wanted - please help

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  • Jane & Arnold Ridout
    ... From: Anna Semlyen Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 16:43:20 +0100 Subject: 20 s Plenty for Newham coordinator wanted - please help
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      From: Anna Semlyen <anna.s@...>
      Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 16:43:20 +0100
      Subject: 20's Plenty for Newham coordinator wanted - please help
      To: "newham@..." <newham@...>

      Hello Arnold Ridout
      I am writing to ask if you would be kind enough to put the following
      request out to your contact lists please?

      I'd be really grateful if you could forward the call out below (or
      shorten it if wanted) for local people to come forward to run a 20's
      Plenty for Newham area campaign. We will support anyone who wants
      20mph limits for their community.

      WANTED - 20mph Volunteer Campaign Branch Leader/Committee members for
      20's Plenty for Newham

      I am writing to interest you in running, or contributing time to, a
      campaign on 20mph speed limits without road humps. The 20's Plenty
      for Us campaign is the UK leader in this field and we are free to
      join. We have 136 Campaign groups across the country and support
      anyone who wants 20mph limits for their community.

      Newham fits the emerging pattern of places where wide 20mph limits are
      being implemented - over 8 million people's authorities have agreed
      this life saving policy. It is a London Borough with a Mayor and the
      London Assembly are openly in favour of 20mph limits. Plus Islington
      are going for 20mph limits for arterial roads areas. These
      contributory factors make Newham particularly suited to succeeding at
      getting 20mph limits adopted as a residential default speed limit.

      20mph limits are recognised as Department for Transport and EU best
      practice for residential roads or where there are likely to be
      vulnerable road users. NICE also says 20mph is best practice for child
      protection. Portsmouth had 22% fewer casualties two years after its
      community wide 20mph limit implementation. Slower speeds provide the
      basis for active travel, lowering obesity, heart disease and stress.
      They save 12% of fuel, reducing pollution and climate change
      emissions. Limits smooth traffic and cut congestion. Noise is 40% less
      and road maintenance and signage lighting costs fall. Improved
      accessibility, helping the vulnerable and community cohesion are
      further quality of life gains.

      We offer anyone interested in campaigning for wide area 20mph limits
      without humps a range of professionally branded campaign services.
      These are at http://www.20splentyforus.org.uk/campaigning.htm
      Services include things like a free local email forwarding of a
      memorable address eg
      free local template website with on line petition, mailing the local
      press our briefings (optionally with your details for comment which
      raises local profile), petitions, leaflets, stickers, posters, loan of
      speed guns and more including a free pack of our briefings and some
      stickers to start up.

      We are not party political as all colours have supported 20mph limits
      in the past, though many of our campaign branches are run by
      Councillors or politically active citizens.

      Do ring or email me with any questions.

      If you feel unable to take this voluntary role on yourself, please
      would you forward it to people who might be interested and forward
      this request to any of your supporters or social media channels?

      Thank you.

      Anna Semlyen, 20's Plenty for Us Campaign Manager, T: 07572 120439 e:

      Join our campaigner Yahoo group
      Join our facebook group http://tinyurl.com/20splentyonfacebook Follow
      us on Twitter @20splentyforus
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