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THW ride on Sat 14th Nov - Thames Estuary Essex style

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  • Caroline Fenton
    Come to Essex with Tower Hamlets Wheelers this Saturday Nov 14th. We ll take the train to Upminster to start, and then cycle down the Ingrebourne Valley to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2009
      Come to Essex with Tower Hamlets Wheelers this Saturday Nov 14th. We'll
      take the train to Upminster to start, and then cycle down the
      Ingrebourne Valley to Rainham village - this is a Sustrans Connect 2
      scheme and passes through some surprisingly rural areas. From there we
      will cycle along the new riverside cycle path to Rainham Marshes RSPB
      visitor centre and cafe for a late morning/early lunch stop (the
      selection of homemade cakes is one of the best in the country!). After
      refreshments the next stage of the ride is a great contrast being along
      the industrial riverfront between Purfleet and Grays, the highlights
      being the view from under the Dartford bridge and the Grays graffiti
      wall. A shortish on-road section follows to take us on towards Tilbury
      and the end of the world (well actually a pub called the "World's End",
      which hopefully will be open for a quick drink. The route back from
      there to Upminster is mainly rural.

      Unfortunately the District Line is not running this weekend so we need
      to take a C2C train from Limehouse - we'll meet at the Green Bridge at
      09.00 and cycle down, or if you prefer see us at Limehouse station at
      09.20. Oyster pay as you go will cover you for this trip, or you can
      potentially purchase group save tickets (so cost for a return to
      Upminster will be somewhere between £2.20 and £4.40). Alternatively if
      it is convenient you can meet us outside Upminster station just after
      10.00, but please try to call or e-mail me if you want to do this so we
      look out for you.

      The terrain is varied, quite a lot is traffic free especially the first
      part of the ride, so this is suitable for beginners and maybe children.
      The section through to Grays is quite rough and you will need to carry
      your bike up and down steps at some points (but if this is difficult for
      you don't be put off as someone will help you out) - so probably not the
      occasion to bring out your new best bike, but generally you'll be fine
      on a commuter/hybrid/folder/mountain bike. If in doubt give me a call to
      check. The last section back to Upminster is all on road. There are
      several opportunities to shorten this ride. You can easily return to
      East London from Purfleet after about 10 miles and the RSPB visit - we
      will be going right past the station and trains are every half hour. You
      can also drop out at Grays (13 miles) and Tilbury (20 miles) - both of
      these are convenient for our route, have at least 2 trains per hour and
      we can give you directions and/or a map if necessary.

      We won't really have enough time to walk around the RSPB reserve -
      although you can get a pretty good view from the cycle path as we
      approach and from the visitor centre. There is no charge to go into the
      centre and cafe, but if you want to go onto the reserve admission is
      £2.50 (free for RSPB members). If you do want to do this then you could
      leave the ride and return later on your own from Purfleet (as long as
      you tell us so we don't wait for you!). There are picnic tables if you
      prefer to bring your own food - but you will have to sit outside.

      The full route is about 35 miles - we will aim to get back to Upminster
      around 16.00-16.30, so back in London around 17.30. Don't forget your
      lights (particularly if you plan to do the whole ride)

      Any questions please contact me by mail or on 07801 773131

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