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301Hi all!!

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  • CntryDncr_75
    Sep 7, 2000
      Just wanted ya to know I haven't forgotten about
      ya! I've just been busy lately, probably around
      October or November I'll be around more. For those of you
      that don't know, my husband and I fish tournaments. we
      have 2 a month and usually go fishing anyway even when
      there is no tournament! We just spent Labor day weekend
      at the lake to celebrate our 1 year wedding
      anniversary! We had a lot of fun. I'll try to check in once a
      week to see what's going on. I know I've said it
      before, but this weekend I'm going to ATTEMPT to update
      the webpage some more. Notice the "attempt"
      part...=)<br><br>Hope everyone is doing great and finding more family
      out there! My mom and I have found several cousins
      and have that we even had relatives living in the
      early 80's!!! <br><br>oh well, maybe we'll find more
      that are alive now..=)<br><br>Happy diggin,<br>Lynn
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