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RE: [newcenturyplayers] Needing a little help!

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    Thanks Glenn, but we got everyone to fill the blanks! Hope you get to come see the show.....it s pretty funny! Kelley Marchant 503-880-2911 To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 10, 2007
      Thanks Glenn, but we got everyone to fill the blanks!  Hope you get to come see the show.....it's pretty funny!

      Kelley Marchant

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      Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 17:31:23 +0000
      Subject: Re: [newcenturyplayers] Needing a little help!

      Do you still need box office help for Picasso?  If so, which days?  Glenn Russell
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      From: KELLEY MARCHANT <pkmarchant@msn. com>

      Hi All.....HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

      Our fall show opens next week and we're needing a little help here and there!  Please look over the following and see if there's something you can do to help us put on another great show!:

      1) We are still looking for a sound person.  Just someone available to push "play" for a few sound effects and some music.....very easy.....

      2)  We will need a couple helping hands this Sunday afternoon (11/4) at the Ainsworth House as we load in the sets and lights (probably 2pm-5pm).

      3)  For this show we will only need one box office helper a night.  This show won't need ushers as it will be run like the dinner theatre out front.  The performances are Nov. 8,9,15,16,17 @7:30 and Nov. 11 & 18 @4:30.  It would be nice to have each person doing this cover at least two performances.

      4)  If you know anyone (or you, yourself) who is OLCC certified, we want to have o ne "bartender" each night to serve beer/wine and dessert to the audience before the show.  We might have a small stipend and they would get the "tips".

      5)  Help spread the word!  Tickets will be available on-line later TODAY and season subscriptions will also be available.

      If you can do one or more of these jobs, please contact me ASAP at pkmarchant@msn. com (off the yahoo groups) and let me know!
      Thanks to everyone who helps keep NCP going!

      Kelley Marchant

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