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NCP offers acting classes

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  • elisabethgoebel
    New Century Players offers a New Service Acting Classes start October 7 through November 25 (8 weeks) at Bertman House, 11022 SE 37th St., Milwaukie, OR 97222
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      New Century Players offers a New Service 


      Acting Classes start October 7 through November 25  (8 weeks) at Bertman House, 11022 SE 37th St., Milwaukie, OR 97222 


      One class  $120

      Both classes  $225

      (Payable on the first night of class)


      To register, contact KevinGYell@...


      Acting Fundamentals      7.00 - 8.30PM


      This class will develop the basic building blocks of acting technique, focusing on the voice and body of the actor. Students will learn to use their voice in a safe and sustainable manner while developing script analysis techniques that will allow them to connect to texts in a physical and aural way. The voice work will be a fusion of training systems created by Kristin Linklater and Cicely Berry.  Students in this class will also develop their physical awareness through explorations into several physical movement styles designed to help connect the actor to their body and its unique movement style.  Laban Movement Analysis will form the backbone of this physical work, but students will be able to explore the basics of several other movement systems* with the aim of seeing which fits their personal style best.


      (*  For those who have asked, a note from NCP: movement systems you might ask about could include Viewpoints, Feldenkrais, Alexander, or Suzuki etc) 


      Scene Study         8.45 - 10.15PM


      This class will focus on character development and interaction within the context of scene work. This class will utilize many of the techniques discussed in the Fundamentals class, but enrollment in both is not required. Students will focus on connection to breath and voice with movement to connect the physical action with the psychological action. Work on character interactions, theatrical honesty, and formalized

      script analysis will be combined with in-depth scene work and focused feedback to present the actor with a rigorous but supportive learning environment.



      About the teacher: Colin Murray is an actor, director, and designer in the Portland area and the new Technical Director at Reed College in Portland from September 2013. He has a MFA in Directing from the University of Portland.  He has been teaching acting, in some form or another, for 15 years.  In addition to his formal training, he has also studied with theatre artists from all over the world, such as Andrew Wade (former Head of Voice at the Royal Shakespeare Company) and Slava Dolgachev (Artistic Director, New Theatre of Moscow).  His core philosophy is that all actors need to have an assortment of tools at their disposal, but that those tools are not the same for every actor. 



      To register, contact KevinGYell@...




      The New Century Players is a not-for-profit community theater company. Our mission is to build community by providing opportunities for artistic expression through live performances.


      Website: NewCenturyPlayers.org


      Telephone: 503.367.2620


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