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Oregon Community Theatre Alliance Conference

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  • elisabethgoebel
    Oregon Community Theatre Alliance Conference/Showcase June 23 in Forest Grove at Theater in the Grove 8:00 Registration begins 9:30 Welcome gathering
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      Oregon Community Theatre Alliance Conference/Showcase
      June 23 in Forest Grove at Theater in the Grove

      8:00 Registration begins
      9:30 Welcome gathering

      10:00-11:30 Workshops
      Stage Fighting by Ted de Chatelet who is a one of the best in his field. He has taught drama at Linfield, Willamette and Western Oregon.as well as an accomplished actor. Many plays requirea slap, punch, or fight so this will help actors and directors as well.

      Play selection by Craig Shepherd from Coaster Theater in Cannon Beach. Craig has a wealth of experience in all aspects of theater from his years managing Coaster Theater and working in NewYork, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. He is a master at selecting scripts and has put together a play list by category he will share with you which should provide for some good discussion. We are always looking for ideas.

      ("Talk About It"Session) if needed at this time.

      11:30-12:00 AACT Meeting
      A chance to get together with fellow AACT theaters, welcome new members, and discuss networking and our involvement in the AACT One Act Festival 2013.

      After lunch (OCTA Board Meeting)
      1:00 Keynote speaker from the Washington State Theater Organization, our mentors in developing our own state organization. He will address the topic of how to build and maintain our organization.

      1:30-3:00 Workshops
      Repeat of Play Selection workshop.

      Stage Management by Antonia Osterhout. Antonia is a top stage manager from Gallery Theater in McMinnville. She will take you from auditions through to closing night strike. She has managed at least 30 plays, from large musicals on a big stage, to smaller cast plays
      on our smaller stage.

      Senior Theater/Readers Theater by Carolyn McCloskey for those who would like to learn more about scripts selection, and bringing our seniors back into our theaters.

      3:15- "Talk About It"
      We found these sessions to be very beneficial last year so chose to continue with them.
      The following topics will be discussed with facilitators for each:
      Promotion/Public Relations/Fundraising Ideas
      Developing and maintaining your volunteers
      To Cut a script or Not to Cut..that is the question…
      OLCC Rules and use of alcohol at your theater.
      Planning a Budget for your plays, etc.
      How is your Board functioning…helpful hints
      Other topics? Please give us issues that are of interest to you.

      After Dinner:
      7:00 Dessert Social
      7:30 SHOWCASE
      We have theaters doing a short bit from a play in their season. The
      more the better. You can do a monologue, song, as well as a scene.

      There will be a raffle to help raise funds throughout the day for the baskets brought by the theaters.
      There will be a chance to display your season so bring posters, etc. It will help us as we continue to work on theaters visiting other theaters to help us get to know you. This is a great part of

      Just email me at cbmccloskey@... and if you have the numbers and names coming that would be great. If you do not have that information yet but know you plan to come, let us know so we can plan.

      Cost: OCTA Members Theaters $20 per person/ten or more participants from your theater $15
      Non OCTA Members $25/ 10 or more participants from your theater $20.

      You may send your checks written out to Oregon Community Theatre Alliance to:
      Carolyn McCloskey 2536 NW Zinfandel Loop, McMinnville, OR


      Price goes up $5 after June 16th…so
      get those checks in. Thanks
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