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4Re: [newbornboatchina] Re: Make your own boat in China!

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  • Tim Lee
    Mar 21, 2010
      Hi Len Petry,

      Thanks for the interest.

      We have moved to Chung Chau, Hong Kong now.

      What can we do for you?

      Tim Leung

      From: lenpetry <lenpetry@...>
      To: newbornboatchina@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, March 7, 2010 10:50:18 AM
      Subject: [newbornboatchina] Re: Make your own boat in China!


      Where is your factory? I live in Zhuhai.

      Len Petry

      --- In newbornboatchina@ yahoogroups. com, "timuti69" <timuti69@.. .> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > It is amazing to ride on the rivers here, if only there were a
      > Catamaran boat sailing next to these chinese fishing boats, that
      > would take their breath away, words will spread just like the African
      > jungle dream boats and to visit or call on the fisherman on ports
      > along the river, whom we build their new fishing boat for. And,
      > eating & dinning along the river port, maybe pick up a few ultilities
      > and fresh sea food which the fishermen just harvested and cook it
      > with their secret recipies.... I presently use shallow water fiber
      > glass boats, such as a fiber glass sampan (see Photos) in the PRD,
      > and am looking for something new to experiment with.
      > You do not have to bring your own Catamarans and have all the hassles
      > of docking ,documantations etc, simply build one here and while you
      > are over, enjoy how we build boats with our working crew. It would be
      > unbeleiveably low cost & fast to build ,I can help. No charge for
      > using our facilities or our building crew. Have fun and at the end of
      > the day return home with a new Cat which has been sailing on these
      > rivers. Just tell me how the Cat works in your home's rivers and
      > send me a few photos and I will consider it done.
      > Should you like to try out our fishing boats or sampan, or even build
      > one and take it home after the fun, I will give you the boat plan and
      > you can use our moulds, free, as long as when you go home you tell us
      > how it does in your waters.
      > Just post a message or email me directly and we can talk about it.
      > Regards
      > Timothy
      > Group Owner

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