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  • Is there anything else beside vodka that can be made in a reflux still? Thanks.....
    woof117 May 8, 2004
  • How would I distill water with a reflux still. The water here is awful, any help would be greatly appriciated....Thanks
    woof117 Apr 12, 2004
  • --- In new_distillers@^$1, "willy" wrote: > hi > i found a copper pot but i dont know if it's solid copper or just > copper coated will it make a diffreance???????????? > if it will work i am going to use it for my cooking pot > thanks > willy If a magnet don' t stick to it, it is solid copper.......
    woof117 Mar 1, 2004
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  • How difficult is it for a not too handy person to install a hot water heating element in a stainless steel 38 quart stock pot. Any help would be greatly appriciated....Thanks...
    woof117 Feb 14, 2004
  • Could someone please reccomend a decent hot plate strong enough to hold and make a 25 liter batch. All suggestions appriciated.....Thanks
    woof117 Feb 10, 2004
  • If so how?
    woof117 Jan 10, 2004
  • Stephen Danielius Jan 6, 2004