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Re: help with procedure

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  • jimpuchai
    ... this applies to all reflux stills. The quantity is oriented toward what seemingly appears to be standard 5 gal (20 liters) batch at concentration just
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 23, 2003
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, BOKAKOB <bokakob@y...> wrote:
      > As requested the procedure to run EL type still. Please note that
      this applies to all reflux stills. The quantity is oriented toward
      what seemingly appears to be standard 5 gal (20 liters) batch at
      concentration just about 14%-16% abv
      > Setup everything tight and secure after pouring the wash in the
      still boiler
      > Have extinguisher for chemical fires handy (some sort of rating
      A, B or C)
      > Start heating. It is a long process and may require more than
      an hour.
      > After you feel the column is hot at half height turn on cooling
      > Reduce heat as the thermometer will show 78*C, very often it
      will surge past this mark.
      > Keep on reducing the heat until temperature will start falling
      below 78*C
      > At this point note the heat setting and increase the heat that
      the temperature is steady 78*C or very near this mark plus-minus
      half degree.
      > Start tinkering with cold water by reducing the flow. Watch the
      thermometer to keep 78*C and reduce water flow until it is very
      little and pretty warm/hot. Usually it is an almost dripping or just
      a little bit more with a thickness of a match. Watch 78*C
      temperature, and if it is constant you have arrived at the point
      where you start collecting the heads. Wait 10 minutes.
      > Open the needle valve just to allow dripping. Collect first
      100mL at a rate one drip per second. Dispose of it anyway you like
      that is garbage and I call it "Foreshots."
      > Next keep collecting "Heads." It is usually (in my case)
      20% of alcohol to be produced, say one liter (please do your own
      elementary math).
      > After this stage start collecting "Main cut" in a series
      small bottles. It should be approximately 50% of total alcohol to be
      in the mash. Keep it.
      > Keep on collecting "Tails" until the temperature starts
      climbing above 90*C. This should go in the next batch for
      > Clean equipment and you may want to re-use 30% of wash
      leftovers in the boiler for the next batch. Dissolving sugar there
      at this time when the wash is hot seems to be a fine idea.
      > This is very basic directive.
      > Why not all the members collaborate on this skeleton and add
      little things that need to be mentioned? Cheers, Alex…
      One or two small things that I find useful you may wish to add to
      the above.
      When the column is being balanced, the flow of cooling water is much
      easier to control if you use a needle valve, and be sure to install
      it at the VERY END of the pipe system where the water runs to waste.
      This means that adjustments have an immediate effect, and the flow
      changes are instantly visible.

      On my EL I noticed that the temperature at the vent hole on top
      hovers 2 or 3 degrees either side of 50C when the column is
      balanced. I did NOT measure down the hole but, with a probe tip
      sitting loosely IN the hole. This may prove to be a useful
      indication that you are not loosing product to the air.
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