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Re: any tips on welding/soldering a reflux c oil in a collumn ?

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  • crew666@yahoo.com
    Cool Tony, thanks a lot, you ve been a great help ... connected ... the ... column ... enough to ... great
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2001
      Cool Tony, thanks a lot, you've been a great help

      --- In new_distillers@y..., "Ackland, Tony (CALNZAS)"
      <Tony.Ackland@c...> wrote:
      > >how much pressure from the steam there is
      > >generated at the top of the column.
      > At the top there should be very little pressure, as the condensor
      > to there is open to atmosphere.
      > Most of the pressure occurs in the headspace above the pot, due to
      > slight obstruction that the column packing makes. When packing the
      > though, you don't want to do it too tight - it should be loose
      enough to
      > easily breath through for precisely this reason - you don't want a
      > amount of pressure in the system.
      > Tony
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