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Re: brix refractometer

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  • cletemeaders
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      "And Ive been thinking the inventors of the sewing machine were
      smart"! cm

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "CornFed (Randy)"
      <cornfed15@h...> wrote:
      > a refractometer is an instrument that measures the thickness of a
      > liquid substance by the amount and degree that light is bent or
      > refracted while passing thru it. There are table top laboratory
      > models that are much more expensive than the hand held portable
      > versions.
      > There are many different styles of refractometers and they are
      > to measure specific substances, from the strength of your
      > automobile's engine antifreeze, to the amount of particulates in a
      > metal lathe cutting fluid, to the strength of ethanol in the test
      > solution, to the brix reading of a substance. In the distillers
      > discussion brix and balling is referring to the amount of sugar in
      > liquid solution. That is the much shortened definition but it
      > do for now and this discussion.
      > If you have enough liquid to float a triple scale hydrometer, then
      > you wont need a refractometer. That 10 dollar instrument will do
      > everything you need to do. If you are trying to determine how
      > the apples on the tree are this year before you pick them or how
      > sweet the grapes are on the vine or trying to determine if
      > to ferment pumpkins is really a good idea. Then a refractometer
      is a
      > very useful instrument. One drop of luid on the viewer and hold
      > up to a light source, and 10 seconds later you will have your
      > reading.
      > If you are fermenting table sugar in a bucket, then based on
      > and measures you already have a pretty good idea of what the brix
      > reading will be. A refractometer will not be an economical
      > to your instrumentation needs.
      > message number 5743 on this list has a link where refractometers
      > being sold for around 60 dollars. the yahoo group brixtalk has a
      > series of links to where lower cost refratometers are available
      > also. http://www.infoarchive.net/index has this list archived
      with a
      > much better search engine. Choose either new distillers or
      > Distillers from the list on the left and do a search for
      > refractometers for about 30 messages on this subject going back
      > the last couple years.
      > Brix is also used to determine the quality of fresh produce.
      > http://www.crossroads.ws/brixbook/BBook.htm has an online book
      > lists the brix readings for a variety of different produce. It
      > has a pretty good explaination of how to operate a refractometer
      > what it is used for. Brix is the measurement of how thick the
      > are inside of a living plant. The higher the brix reading
      > an elevated level of minerals and by association higher sugar
      > content.
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "cletemeaders"
      > wrote:
      > > what is a brix refractor & what is it used for? clete
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